VUL Plans for Your Health and Accident Protection

5 out of 10 Filipinos die of heart disease

The line “health is wealth” sounds very dated and overrated, right? But no matter what others may say, one thing is for sure that health is the best gift anyone could ever give themselves (tama ka diyan!).

Living a healthy lifestyle has been very popular these days across all ages for various reasons. Most wanted to reap the benefits of being fit and some just wanted to sport a well-toned body (sana ako rin!)

We see it on newspapers, TV ads, social media, and some websites dedicated to informing everyone the importance of living a healthy life (Suan naman, iba kasi ang may alam di ba?).

But is living a healthy life a guarantee that you will not contract an illness, a life-threatening one (sad to say but it is a NO)?

News broke out after another about the degrading health of celebrities we are fond of following (ee kasi tao lang din naman sila). How about checking the fact that they are living a “healthy lifestyle”?

Most of them are vegans (Yuck! Suan naman, I don’t eat veggies), they have membership from the most popular Gym in town with state of the art equipment, detoxify regularly (veggies na naman!), etc.

Remember what happened to the ex-PBB housemate/youtuber that was recently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer? He is a clear example of someone we did not even think to be diagnosed with such illness. He is eating healthy and exercises a lot but still got ill.

(Paano na ko niyan Suan iniisip ko pa lang mag exercise napapagod na ko)

Relying on SSS Pension Might not be a Good Idea

Sadly, some of them die because they become complacent to the idea that a “physically fit body equates to little to no chance of getting ill”. When in fact anyone could die due to critical illness/accident they did not even bother to prepare.

Like an accident, no one could ever tell when and where an accident might take place. In these modern times, even the most maingat can still get caught. What will happen to your family if you get involved in an accident and die unexpectedly (may SSS naman siguro sapat na yun)? So let’s take a look if it is really enough.

sss funeral and death benefit

Clearly, the amount shown is just enough for few months but can never sustain a life (aasa ka pa ba sa SSS lang?).

But what if you are lucky enough to survive? Most probably you can’t go to work and no work means no pay, from few days to few months or it can even extend indefinitely depending on the gravity brought about by the accident.

(Paano na yung pamilya ko Suan? Ako pa naman ang bread-winner.)

The biggest question is, are you financially ready? Do you have enough to cover the expenses? (may naipon naman ako sa bank at may HMO rin)

But how much is enough? If we quantify, will it able to sustain the needs of your family until you can work again?

How about the living expenses of your family from food, mortgage, education of your kids/siblings, etc.? Have you thought of that?

So how can you prepare?

VUL (Variable Unit-Linked) Policy for Health and Wealth Protection

sun maxilink prime vul

VUL is a 2-in-1 product that combines life insurance and investment opportunity for maximum savings and protection.

(Hindi ba mahal yan? Ayy wala akong pera para diyan. Kukuha na lang ako pag may budget na)

But before you back out from getting yourself insured, let me discuss the reasons why you should get an insurance (okay, I’ll give you a chance to convince me).

Two Reasons Why You Should Get an Insurance Today

  1. The Earlier The Cheaper

    Life insurance is age sensitive. It simply means that when you are young the less likely you will be seriously ill. In return, the premium is cheaper. No one is really sure when will it happen. It is better to be ready, right?

  2. Not Everyone Is Insurable

    When the time comes that you are ready to get an insurance you may not be insurable anymore. It is either you are too old or sick already, the insurance company won’t take the extra risk to give it to you because you might claim the benefits sooner compared to the younger/healthier ones.

I will cite an example of how it works (Yes I know you need one).

Sample Proposal: 10 Years To Pay

Federico Suan, Jr., 25, Male, Non-smoker

Life Coverage: 1 Million Pesos

This is the amount of money my family will get if I die due to an accident, illness, or natural cause. I will leave them peacefully knowing they will receive this amount. Hopefully, my brothers will use the money to finance the needs of my Lola and our younger sister.

Total Disability Benefit (TDB): Waiver

This is a rider (optional) that can be attached to an insurance policy. If I get disabled and can no longer work, this rider will waive my future payments. It is as if I am still paying the premiums. Though optional, (it only cost me less than a thousand pesos for it) I consider this a MUST have rider in any life insurance policy.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Disablement Benefit (ADDD): ₱500,000

If I die due to an accident my family will get this amount together with the life coverage totaling ₱1.5 Million. If I survived the accident but lost any part of my body, I will receive a percentage of my ADDD coverage. For example, if I lost one eyesight, I will receive ₱250,000 (half of my ADDD coverage).I am entitled to receive ₱50,000 per year for 10 years with a total of ₱500,000.

Critical Illness Benefit (CIB): ₱2 Million

A lump sum of worth ₱2 Million is the amount I can claim whenever I will be diagnosed or treated for any of the 36 critical illness listed here. This rider covers most of the critical illnesses around like stroke, heart attack, brain tumor, major organ transplant, and invasive cancer.

The premium for this rider increases every 5 years. After the paying period, the accumulated earnings from the investment component is assumed to be enough to pay for this rider.

Hospital Income Benefit (HIB): ₱2,500/day (1000 days maximum)

I will receive ₱2,500 per day when I get confined in a hospital as a result of sickness or injury. This amount doubles or become ₱5,000 when I am admitted in ICU or confined due to any of the following dreaded disease: acute heart attack, chronic liver disease, dissecting aortic aneurysm, end-stage lung disease, end-stage renal disease, invasive cancer, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, poliomyelitis, progressive muscular atrophy, and stroke.

nurse checking her patient with critical illness

Annual Premium (10 Years To Pay): ₱38,465

It is just about ₱3,205 per month or just  ₱107 per day.

Total Premiums Paid: 10 x ₱38,456 = ₱384,650 ONLY

Imagine, I  will only pay a total of ₱384,650 for all the benefits listed above.

But what if I am lucky enough not to die early, get disabled, or hospitalized?

(Suan, parang lugi ako kapag nagka-ganyan?)

Don’t worry because a VUL policy has an investment component which is designed to accumulate wealth while giving you protection.

If the investment was placed in Index Fund composed of top 30 companies in the Philippines (i.e. Jollibee, Ayala, SM, San Miguel, URC, BPI, etc.), the average historical return is around 10% p.a. but it is not guaranteed as past performance will not necessarily indicate the future performance of the fund.

investment growth in vul policy The projected fund value at age 45 is ₱848,275
The projected fund value at age 55 is ₱2,181,982
The projected fund value at age 65 is ₱5,642,255

The accumulated fund value can be used as an educational fund for your kids, retirement fund, additional fund when hospitalized, etc.

(I thought insurance is just about death benefit. There is so much more I can gain pala  if I avail a VUL policy)

Exactly! VUL is more than just a life insurance combining income protection and investment opportunity for every Juan.

For all Financial Advisors like us, we treat life insurance as LOVE insurance. Because when you love someone, i.e. your family, you don’t leave them hanging. You want every protection you can get to ensure their safety and well-being, right?

I hope you enjoyed my blog!

You too can protect yourself from the lingering uncertainties by getting a VUL policy. Some terms are technical in nature that an ordinary person cannot understand without the help of a Licensed Financial Advisor. I recommend a personal meeting.  No pressure nor obligation on your part will be imposed upon appointment. You may not like it and it is perfectly fine with me. You can reach me through 0917-775-8352 or e-mail me at

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  1. I am 30 yrs old, no vices. Still healthy and no medical problem. With you be so kind to give me a quotation for VUL. 3,500/ monthly. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mr. Federico,

    I’m kindly asking you if you can give me a quotation for VUL. I’m 37, female and non smoker planning to put 200,000 for the whole term. Thank you and have a great day.

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