How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor in the Philippines

Did you know that Sun Life is the first and the oldest (125 years) insurance company in the Philippines? It also has more than 5 million clients as of 2020. So if you are ready to change your life while helping others, then you’re in the right place.

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Sun Life is established in 1895, three years before the Republic of the Philippines was founded. So Filipinos can enjoy the humanitarian benefits of insurance.

Why Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor?

There are more reasons why you should join Sun Life aside from the attractive compensation package. Here you can spend quality time with your family while having a purposeful career.

Earn Unlimited Income

Have you ever felt being salary-restricted when shopping in a mall? How about eating out and being freaked out by how much a single dish costs? Ughh, your dream vacation is put on hold because of a limited budget?

Did you know that Financial Advisors get to write their paychecks?

Similarly, if you pursue this career, then you will get to buy your wants, eat without looking at the price on the menu and take a vacation without breaking your budget.

I bought my first car using my earnings as a Sun Life advisor. It is something I need to service my beloved clients. Now, I’m looking forward to buying my dream car.

I earned my first million. Most advisors will say that they bought a car, started a business, made their first million, and so on when they joined Sun Life. I guess it’s possible if you’re working hard in a great company. It’s genuinely a fulfilling job when you can get the things you deserve.

Work on Your Most Productive Time

Are you tired of waking up daily at 4 am to prepare for work at 8 am? How about the ever stressful traffic from home going to your office? I know it’s frustrating to brave EDSA just to arrive late. But once you join Sun Life, you will not be required to wake up early. In other words, you can rise from bed at 9 am and still be productive.

Enjoy Professional Growth

Sun Life offers financial assistance in your competency. It also provides FREE training and seminar so you can be confident in answering the questions of your clients. Promotion is also given to those who perform well, regardless of age and tenure. I’ve seen as young as 22 yrs old being promoted to unit manager, making him the youngest unit manager in Sun Life’s history. Who knows if you’re the next in line?

Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

The picture above is us while enjoying our all-expense paid trip by Sun Life for 3 days and 2 nights in Shangri-la Boracay. We did not even spend a centavo for this whole trip from food, transportation, and accommodation.

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts

Don’t you love to be recognized for your hard work? No matter how big or small the battle Sun Life knows how to recognize it through simple prizes like jackets, certificates, cash incentives, medals, trophies, and even one of your dream vacations like a trip in Boracay, Bohol, Japan, Caribbean, etc. On top of that, Sun Life is very generous in giving bonuses you won’t usually get by working in an office setup.

A Business of Helping Others

What I truly love about being in this career is the power vested in us to change the lives of our clients. Commission, incentives, bonuses, etc. are just like icing on the cake. Above all, nothing beats the happiness that comes from securing the future of a family. We’re not there only to collect payments but rather to become part of their incredible journey toward financial freedom.

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor is still a job. You must pass all the steps needed to become a full pledge advisor. But don’t be intimidated yet because the steps are easy to do.

Here’s how to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

1. Interview with the Manager

First, you need to reach out to a Sun Life manager (or manager candidate like me) and get an interview schedule. We will be discussing the opportunities we have in store for you, like income, bonuses, and many more.

2. Insurance Training

Sun Life provides FREE training to applicants before taking the licensure exam. A licensed agent is only allowed to sell insurance products under the Insurance Commission. Something you can take pride that you are not just a salesperson because you are trained and licensed to give financial advice.

3. Traditional and VUL Examination

After taking the training, you may now take the licensure examination. The fee for two exams s Php 2,020. Because you’ll be paying for this, it will motivate you, even more, to pass the exam in one go.

4. Learn About Our Products

Sun Life wants the best for you; that’s why the company, by all means, provides training courses for you. You will also learn here how you can help your clients achieve their financial goals through financial planning.

5. Licensing

You must prepare Php 3,090 for the two licenses and Php 400 for notarization. Also, you must submit the usual employment requirements.

6. Coding

Coding is the process of putting you in the system of Sun Life. After that, you will be eligible to sell life Sun Life products and be recognized as a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

7. Helping Others Achieve Lifetime Financial Freedom

Reach out to as many people as you can and help them achieve financial freedom. Educate them and become their lifetime partner that they can fully trust.

Learn More About Our Team

Our team will be called “The Wise Guys.” Just like how I started in Sun Life, and you came to know me is through my FB page and personal blog, “The Wise Guy.”

Who is Federico?

My name is Federico Suan, Jr., an electronics engineer who founded TheWiseGuyPH in 2017. I joined Sun Life in the hope of creating more income for the growing needs of my family since my father died in 2015.

To date, I am the youngest successful financial advisor in one of Sun Life Branches in Makati. I was able to achieve that despite being so timid, lacking the right market to offer my services, and having no sales experience at all.

You may wonder how I made it, right?

My need during that time is more significant than my fears. So I just have done what I have to do. Shy? I joined several activities and communities wherein I can practice my social skills. No market? I created my own thru Facebook and Google marketing. No sales experience? I read books, watched sales techniques on youtube, and enrolled in several workshops to upskill myself.

And if I’ve done it, then there’s no reason for you not to.

You might even surpass me, and I’ll be more than happy to be part of your success.

Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of engineers (just like me), accountants, hoteliers, salespersons, professors, government employees, etc. who are hard-working individuals and very passionate about helping others.

What are the Qualifications?

We have set standards in our team to empower members just like you. In our team, you’re not only an ordinary financial advisor. You’ll become part of a winning team that will help you become successful in this career.

So here are the qualifications we are looking for:

  •  25 to 40 years old
  •  Part-time or Full-time
  •  No basic salary (earning potential is Php50k to Php200k)
  •  A college graduate is preferrable but not needed.
  •  Sales experience is an advantage.
  •  Fast-learner and coachable
  •  Committed and driven to succeed

But the most important thing we are looking for is obedience. This journey is never a walk in the park. You may come across some struggles and numerous rejections in this job but never lose hope and be obedient.

I have had a fair share of difficulties in this career, and I was able to overcome them by being obedient to my manager.

Thus, you need to be obedient to me as your manager, and I’ll assure you of your success in this job.

Join Our Team Today!

So are you ready to jumpstart your career in Sun Life? Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you within 24 hrs. See you soon πŸ™‚

But before that, please submit your resume to my email address. It’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money do I need to prepare?

If you want to be a Financial Advisor, you must ready Php 5,500.

How fast is the process?

You can finish the process in less than a month, but it will still depend on the time you are willing to spare it.

How much is the income?

A financial advisor earns from the commission of selling insurance plans. The earnings will depend on what type of insurance plan you are selling.

What is the quota?

The quota or validating requirement is very easy to achieve. It’s the amount you don’t want to get because it’s too small. If you join our team, we’ll help you unleash your maximum potential.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the commission, Sun Life has a lot in store for you like HMO benefit, car loan, house loan, monthly bonuses, local and international trips, provident fund, and so much more.

Do you accept part-timers?

Yes, part-timers are welcome to join. For instance, I joined Sun Life as a part-timer and eventually became a full-time advisor. Aside from compensation, self-development, and stress-free environment made me decide to go full-time.

Do you allow OFWs to join?

No, because the license issued by the Insurance Commission is only binding inside the Philippines.


Disclaimer: I am a proud Sun Life Financial Advisor who can help you in your journey towards financial freedom. However, my posts only reflect my personal views and opinions.

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  • Claudine Link Reply

    Hi Federico! I’m interested to join the team as a part time agent. I would like to ask do I still need to prepare 5,500 even during pandemic. Coz, I think licensure exam has been postponed? Also, I’m living in Makati however, I am stranded in our province. Could I still join? I am also turning next year on January, would that be a problem if I join now? Thank you. God Bless and More Powers!!!

    • Hi Claudine. Yes, you are correct there’s no examination now. The good news is that the IC is now issuing temporary insurance. The process is practically the same less the examination. So you just need to prepare Php 3,030 for the license.

      Please kindly fill out the form if you are serious about being part of my team. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Lovely Rose Uy Link Reply

    Hi there, I am very interested. Kindly send me the requirements. Thanks!

  • Gracey Tino Link Reply

    Hi Sir Federico, I live in Bulacan and currently working in Quezon City. Can I still join your team? I want to be a part-time financial advisor.

    • Hi Gracey. I have an advisor in Bulacan. Don’t worry, for as long as you are willing to in Makati; it doesn’t matter. Let’s connect on FB or email πŸ™‚

  • Ma. Dennisa Lyn Elido Link Reply

    Hi Federico, I want to become a Sunlife Financial Advisor. I have been unemployed for about 5 years because I focused in helping my parents in our family business. Do I still have a chance po ba if mag apply ako as a Financial Advisor?

    • Hi Ma. Dennisa. Yes, you are welcome to join us here in Sun Life. We offer training that can supplement your existing skillset. And of course, we’ll also guide you in your journey here with us. Please connect with me on FB to know more. Thanks πŸ™‚

      Add me on Facebook: Federico Suan, Jr.

      • Ma. Dennisa Lyn Elido Link Reply

        Alright sir. Thank you. I added your fb na po.

  • Jun Link Reply

    I am an ofw here in sg and β€˜will be going back for good (just waiting for lockdown to lift up πŸ˜…). I want to be a part of your team if i may. Hoping to talk to you about it.

    • Hi Jun. Let’s connect soon so I can share with you how Sun Life can add value to you and your family. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Mary Joy Diolosa Link Reply

    I would like to be part of your team. I am goal oriented and I love to earn more money and helping people too.

    thanks and regards,
    Mary Joy

  • Cindy Link Reply

    Hi Sir Federico. I just purchased a new policy, can I also apply as an FA. Thank you very much. You are a big help πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cindy. Even if you don’t have you are still welcome. But it’s a plus if you have. Just in case you would want to pursue this purposeful career please fill out the form above. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Nerissa Averia Link Reply

    Hi I would like to join your team.
    Thank you

    • I would love to have you on my team as well. Let’s talk more about this over an email. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Rubi Concepcion Link Reply

    Hi Federico, I’d like to join your team on a part-time basis. Please get in touch with me. I’ve already passed the trad and variable insurance exams last April. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Mary Jane Link Reply

    I really want to be a financial advisor, however i dont have much experience yet but im willing to undergo training, i hope you will accept me and be my mentor. Thank you

    • Hi Mary Jane. Good to know you are very interested to join my team and for sure you will be a wonderful addition to it. I’ll e-mail you for more details. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Gemma Castillo Link Reply

    Hi Federico. I want to join your team and I want to be a part time Advisor. Is there an age limit?
    I got a Life Insurance in year 1996 at Sun Life of Canada and I am still paying my premiums until now.
    Thank you and more power.

  • Mateo Rodriguez Jr. Link Reply

    What are the qualifications to become a financial advisor? Is there any educational attainment required?

  • Adelaida Calica Link Reply

    open for a variety of opportunities towards financial freedom.

    • Hi Adelaida. Good to know that you are open for opportunities like this. If you are interested please kindly fill out the form below. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Louie Corporal Link Reply

    Hi Sir Federico,

    Good Morning! I am working as an OFW.
    Can I join your team in a part time basis?

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Hi Louie. As much as we would love to have you in our team but sorry we don’t accept OFWs as FA’s because by law applications for life insurances should be signed here. Plus, as FA, you must attend meetings and training to further enhance your skills for the benefit of your clients. However, if you eventually decided to stay here for good you can always reach me in the future. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • joebel Link Reply

    i am very interested to be a financial planner please accept me and be my mentor.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Thanks Joebel for the interest. I’ve seen your request and we’ll contact you soon. Thanks again!

  • Ana Imogina Tan Link Reply


    I would like to join your team as FA of sunlife, can you please tell me how?

    Looking forward.

    Thank you.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Ana. Please kindly fill out the form.

      Just to inform others as well. If you would like to join our team please read and “fill-out” the form. Thank you!

      • Mary Ailene Uy Link Reply

        Applying for part – time FA πŸ™‚ hope to be part of ur team! Thank u & Godspeed πŸ™

        • Hi Mary Ailene. We would like you to join our team. Just shoot us a message to know more of how Sun Life can help you jumpstart your dreams. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Irish Santos Link Reply

      Hi Sir! I would love to join your team, but i don’t have a professional experience yet. I’m a college graduate, but i didn’t have a job because of my medical condition. Am I qualified to be a part of your team?

      • Hi Anna. I hope you’re getting better. Being your future manager, if you pursue this application, it doesn’t matter what your medical condition is, for as long as you can do the job. How you control your mind is more powerful than what the body can do.

        Please fill out the form above so we can move forward. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • John Robert Solis Link Reply

      Hi Federico. I am an OFW. But I want to be an advisor part-time. I read that OFW is not allowed?

      • Hi John Robert. Yes, you read it right. This is due to the limitations of the license issued by the Insurance Commission. It will only allow agents to sell life insurance to someone who is currently in the country at the time of application. Also, it somehow protects the interest of the public from fraudulent transactions.

        You may still consider being a financial advisor once you settle here in the Philippines for good. I’m just an email away. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Marinissa Link Reply

    I would like to join your team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      We want you to join our team as well Marinissa but please fill out the form first. Thanks

  • Michael Angelo Link Reply

    Can I join your team even if I’m based abroad?

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Michael. No, you need to get a license here in Insurance Commission and that license is only valid in the Philippines. Thanks

  • Nerrizza Ferrer-Manalo Link Reply

    I would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      We would like you to be part of our team as well. Please kindly fill out the form. Thanks

  • Gracelyn Joy Falco Link Reply

    I am one among the many who disregards financial literacy. As years gone by I felt the need to grow my wisdom in terms of finances. I aim to achieve financial freedom and preferably bring every hard working Filipinos to that same state.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Gracelyn. Thank you for sharing that. It’s true, very common for us to neglect the importance of financial literacy. Though we know we need it but the importance of it only shows when we experience financial struggles in our life. That’s where Financial Advisors like us step in to explain and let them understand the things they need to while they’re not experiencing it or if they wouldn’t want to experience it again in the future.

      Hoping you can join us in spreading financial awareness that will bring them into a brighter life while enriching yours as well. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  • Meleyne S. Gumban Link Reply

    I want to join the team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      We want you to join us Meleyne. Have you filled out the form above? If not, please do so. Thanks!

  • Antonette Talan Link Reply

    I would like to be part of your Team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Antonette. Please kindly fill out the form above. Thanks!

  • Joyce Arcedera Link Reply

    Hi! I’m from ParaΓ±aque City and I would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Joyce. You are more than welcome to join our team. Please drop us an email so we can discuss the opportunity further. Thanks!

  • Cristina Cordero Link Reply

    I would like to join your team. I am in Rome. Thanks

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Cristina. This is only for those who reside in the Philippines. It’s not allowed to sell insurances coming from here outside the Philippines. Thanks!

  • winchelle gerona Link Reply

    hi sir i would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Wichelle. Have you filled out the form? If not yet. Please do so we can reach you easily. Thanks!

      • Daniel G. Martinez Link Reply

        Hi Good day Sir federico, I’m from Antipolo City and i would like to be part of your team. Thank you.


    Good day Sir! I would like to join your team! πŸ™‚

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Cindy. Have you filled out the form? I did not see your name. Please kindly answer it. Thanks!

  • welalyn melicio Link Reply

    Hi Sir! I would like to join your team. Thank you!

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Welalyn. You are more than welcome to join our team. Please reach me thru my email or phone. Thanks!

  • Hi, I would like to join your team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Regina. You’re more than welcome to join our team. We’ll reach you at the soonest time. Please keep your line open. Thanks!

  • Joanalyn T. Villa Link Reply

    I would like to join in your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Joanalyn. You are most welcome to join our team. Our secretary will reach out to you regarding this. Thanks!

    • Jolly Ann L. Porlares Link Reply

      I would like to join in your team.

      • Hi Jolly Ann. Thank you for your time in meeting us. Rest assured that you’ll not just enjoy the experience and help others but there’s a lot more you will get than your normal 8 to 5 job. The better life you envisioned to your family, I must say it is possible to diligence and hard work. Can’t wait for you to soar high in Sun Life. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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