How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor in the Philippines

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Did you know that Sun Life is the first and the oldest (123 years) insurance company in the Philippines? What makes the company stand out is its bright mission of financially securing 5 Million lives by 2020. So are you ready to take on the challenge of helping others and become a Sun Life Financial Advisor? If yes, you’re in the right place.

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Sun Life was founded in 1895, three years before the Republic of the Philippines was officially founded when Sun Life first set foot in the country with the mission of giving Filipinos the opportunity to enjoy the humanitarian benefits of insurance.

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor (Quick Links):

1. Why Become a Financial Advisor?
2. Learn More About Our Team
3. Join Our Growing Team Today!

Why Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor?

Are you here because of the attractive compensation package? You know, even if I can’t read your mind, I already know the answer because that’s the very reason why I joined Sun Life a few years back. But if you going to ask me today, my answer would be a lot different. Here’s why:

Earn Unlimited Income

Do you ever felt being salary-restricted when going to a mall to shop? How about eating out and being freaked out by how much a single dish costs? Ughh, that dream vacation of yours that is put on hold because of limited budget? Did you know that Financial Advisors get to write their own paychecks? If you pursue this career then you get to buy your wants, eat without looking at the price on the menu and take a vacation without breaking your budget.

Work on Your Most Productive Time

Are you tired of waking up daily at 4 am in the morning to prepare for work at 8 am? How about the ever stressful traffic from home going to your office? I know it’s frustrating to brave EDSA just to arrive late in the office. You’re not required here to wake up early, you can rise from bed at 9 am and can still be productive.

Enjoy Professional Growth

Sun Life offers financial assistance in your financial education. It also offers FREE training and seminar so you can be confident in answering the questions of your clients. Promotion is also given to those who perform well regardless of age and tenure. I’ve seen as young as 22 yrs old being promoted to unit manager, making him the youngest unit manager in Sun Life’s history. Who knows if you’re the next in line?

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts

Don’t you love to be recognized for your hard work? No matter how big or small the battle Sun Life knows how to recognize it thru simple prizes like jackets, certificates, cash incentives, medals, trophies, and even one of your dream vacations like a trip in Boracay, Bohol, Japan, Carribean etc. On top of that, Sun Life is very generous in giving bonuses you won’t get by working in an office setup (not unless if you’re the CEO/key person of a company :))

A Business of Helping Others

What I truly love about being a Financial Advisor is the power vested in us to change the lives of our clients. Commission, incentives, bonuses, etc are just like icing on the cake. Nothing beats the happiness that comes from securing the future of a family. We’re not there just to collect payments but rather become part of their wonderful journey toward financial freedom.

Learn More About Our Team

Our Team is called the “Fierce” team under the Royal Poinciana Branch in Makati City. The team was only created last year but we are hailed as one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing team in our branch. All this achievement is beautifully led by our unit manager Raymund Fabro Camat.

Who is Raymund Fabro Camat?

Raymund Fabro Camat is a well know financial blogger, a BS Biology graduate from the University of the Philippines Baguio, a husband, a loving father, unit manager in Sun Life, and the owner and founder of the MoneyTalkPH who started from humble beginnings. He used to help his father in farming when he was young and sent himself to college by doing part-time jobs. His passion, dedication, and hard work have paved his way to a successful career he is enjoying now.

Raymund F. Camat, CIS, REB, CWP®, CEPP® is an SEC-Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS), Certified Wealth Planner and Certified Estate Planner, Phils. He is also a licensed insurance and mutual fund advisor for Sun Life Financial. (MoneyTalkPH)

Meet Our Team

You’re most welcome to join our team for as long as you have a pleasing personality, willingness to learn, and a heart to help. Our team is composed of engineers (just like me), accountants, hoteliers, salespersons, professors, government employees, etc. who are hard-working individuals and very passionate about helping others.

Left-to-right: Raymund Fabro Camat, Jennifer Rodriguez

Join Our Team Today!

Are you excited about this exciting offer: write your own paycheck, work in your chosen time, professional growth, bonuses, and unlimited perks? Take on the challenge now and become part of our team. Just fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hrs to discuss this wonderful opportunity.


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  • Joanalyn T. Villa

    I would like to join in your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Joanalyn. You are most welcome to join our team. Our secretary will reach out to you regarding this. Thanks!

  • Hi, I would like to join your team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Regina. You’re more than welcome to join our team. We’ll reach you at the soonest time. Please keep your line open. Thanks!

  • welalyn melicio

    Hi Sir! I would like to join your team. Thank you!

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Welalyn. You are more than welcome to join our team. Please reach me thru my email or phone. Thanks!


    Good day Sir! I would like to join your team! 🙂

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Cindy. Have you filled out the form? I did not see your name. Please kindly answer it. Thanks!

  • winchelle gerona

    hi sir i would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Wichelle. Have you filled out the form? If not yet. Please do so we can reach you easily. Thanks!

  • Cristina Cordero

    I would like to join your team. I am in Rome. Thanks

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Cristina. This is only for those who reside in the Philippines. It’s not allowed to sell insurances coming from here outside the Philippines. Thanks!

  • Joyce Arcedera

    Hi! I’m from Parañaque City and I would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Joyce. You are more than welcome to join our team. Please drop us an email so we can discuss the opportunity further. Thanks!

  • Antonette Talan

    I would like to be part of your Team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Antonette. Please kindly fill out the form above. Thanks!

  • Meleyne S. Gumban

    I want to join the team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      We want you to join us Meleyne. Have you filled out the form above? If not, please do so. Thanks!

  • Gracelyn Joy Falco

    I am one among the many who disregards financial literacy. As years gone by I felt the need to grow my wisdom in terms of finances. I aim to achieve financial freedom and preferably bring every hard working Filipinos to that same state.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Gracelyn. Thank you for sharing that. It’s true, very common for us to neglect the importance of financial literacy. Though we know we need it but the importance of it only shows when we experience financial struggles in our life. That’s where Financial Advisors like us step in to explain and let them understand the things they need to while they’re not experiencing it or if they wouldn’t want to experience it again in the future.

      Hoping you can join us in spreading financial awareness that will bring them into a brighter life while enriching yours as well. Thanks again 🙂

  • Nerrizza Ferrer-Manalo

    I would like to be part of your team.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      We would like you to be part of our team as well. Please kindly fill out the form. Thanks

  • Michael Angelo

    Can I join your team even if I’m based abroad?

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Michael. No, you need to get a license here in Insurance Commission and that license is only valid in the Philippines. Thanks

  • Marinissa

    I would like to join your team!

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      We want you to join our team as well Marinissa but please fill out the form first. Thanks

  • Ana Imogina Tan


    I would like to join your team as FA of sunlife, can you please tell me how?

    Looking forward.

    Thank you.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Hi Ana. Please kindly fill out the form.

      Just to inform others as well. If you would like to join our team please read and “fill-out” the form. Thank you!

  • joebel

    i am very interested to be a financial planner please accept me and be my mentor.

    • Federico Suan, Jr.

      Thanks Joebel for the interest. I’ve seen your request and we’ll contact you soon. Thanks again!

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