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Hi there! My name is Federico Suan, Jr., a financial blogger whose mission is to help develop financially wise Filipinos by building a strong financial foundation. This blog is about personal finance but not limited to insurance, mutual fund, UITF, the stock market, budgeting techniques to simple tips and techniques on how to manage your resources effectively.

I am affiliated with Sun Life of Canada, the first, oldest, and number 1 life insurance company in the Philippines. Our company has a wide array of life insurance and investment products like the following:

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Variable Unit-Linked Plans

VUL or variable unit-linked plan is a 2-in-1 product combining income protection and investment in one plan. This gives you peace of mind while growing your money over time.

Regular Pay VUL Plan

Choose the perfect VUL plan based on your financial needs. A regular pay VUL is payable for a specific period on a regular basis like 5-years, 10-years, and even up to age 88 depending on what kind of plan you opt to get.

  • Sun Maxilink Prime is 10 years to pay VUL plan from Sun Life combining income protection and investment in a single plan. This is a good plan for income protection, health and accident protection, achieving life goals and as a retirement fund.
  • Sun Flexilink is an older VUL plan from Sun Life and it is an affordable alternative for Sun Maxilink Prime. This is also good as a retirement plan, health and accident protection, and achieving life goals. A cheaper but equally mightier plan.
  • Sun Maxilink Bright is 5 years to pay VUL plan best suited in building an educational fund for your kid’s future. This can also be used to achieve your life goals like building a house or starting a business while giving you peace of mind that your family is protected no matter what happens.

Single-Pay VUL Plan or SPVUL

Enjoy high earning potential thru SPVUL or Single pay VUL plan from Sun Life. Start for as low as Php 150,000

  • Sun Flexilink 1 is a SPVUL from Sun Life that gives you high earning potential compared to just saving your money in a bank. Do you have at least Php 150,000? Then consider growing your money with us that you will not get even in a time deposit account.
  • Sun Maxilink One is another SPVUL plan with no upfront charges that speeds up the accumulation of fund value. Inflation averages at 4% but your bank only gives you a portion which keeps your money from growing. Keep the purchasing power of your money with an investment that can fight inflation.

Sun Life’s Traditional Plans

While VUL plan can be a great choice for many because of the investment part, others still prefer to get a pure life insurance and invest their money on their own. VUL plan is directly linked to investment which makes it vulnerable to day-to-day market fluctuations and if you cannot handle that then consider the following options.

Term Life Insurance

A term life insurance is a pure life protection which makes it cheaper compared to any life insurance plan. This only provides life protection for a specific period of time with no cash value nor fund value after the specified term.

  • Sun Safer Life is a 5 years renewable life insurance that provides life protection equal to twice the face amount until age 75. This automatically renews after 5 years without any proof of insurability.
  • Sun Life Assure is a 5 years renewable term that pays the face amount when either the death of the insured or when diagnosed with a critical illness, whichever occurs first. This is renewable until age 59 without evidence of insurability.
  • Sun Maiden is a 5 years renewable term insurance specially designed for women which give financial assistance or percentage of the face amount is given when diagnosed or treated due to any of the female-specific critical illnesses.

Endowment Plans

Sun Life endowment plan is one of the answers by Sun Life to the different needs of its clients. Insurance plan is not a one size fits all product. If you don’t like VUL plan because if its inherent volatility then you may consider getting an endowment plan with guaranteed benefits.

  • Sun Acceler8 is a 20-year endowment insurance plan from Sun Life that provides increasing guaranteed life insurance benefit. It also has guaranteed cash benefit that you can use for your child’s education and school-related expenses.
  • Sun First Aid Plus is a 10-year non-participating hospital income Simplified Insurability Offer (SIO) product with a money back feature or return of premiums. The return of premium is equal to 50% of the original premiums paid at the end of the 10th policy year.
  • Sun StartUp is also a 10-pay, non-participating endowment insurance, with maturity benefit of 50% return of premium (ROP) given at the end of the 10th year. You can apply for this plan under the Simplified Offer (SIO) up to the first Php 1 Million coverage.
  • Sun Dream Achiever is a 5-pay, participating endowment insurance perfect for education planning for your kids of the benefits payable in 4 installments which start at your chosen year between 12-17 years from the date of issue.

Whole Life Insurance

A whole life plan is one of the best choices to get if you cannot handle the inherent volatility of VUL plans. You know how unpredictable the market can get and if this makes you uncomfortable then get a whole life plan which has guaranteed life insurance and cash benefits.

  • Sun Smarter Classic & Elite is a participating whole life plan that gives life insurance protection until age 100. What makes it even more special is that the protection it provides is equal to twice the face amount.
  • Sun Fit & Well 10/15/2o is a participating, limited-pay whole life critical illness product that provides a combined benefit of savings and comprehensive health protection until age 100.

Always remember to let your money work for you. Money can work 24/7 without getting tired. Enjoy life by making the bRIGHT choice today!



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The Promise of a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Jayvee Lazaro Badile II with his death claim processed in less than two hours

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