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The Wise Guy PH is founded by yours truly, Engr. Federico Suan, Jr., with the help of my Unit Manager Raymund Fabro Camat in an effort to develop financially wise Filipinos. Being part of the millennial generation, I see the great need for financial planning.  Our generation doesn’t have enough knowledge in finances which leads us to spend lavishly on things with least importance. Many ended up asking help from their families as many always come short. This problem would have been solved by proper money management thru the help of a Financial Advisor, who will become your partner in achieving financial freedom.

Aside from the millennials, The Wise Guy PH wants to secure the future of every family. If you have a family you love and want the best for them, you come to the right place. Income protection? We have it for you to give you and your family financial assurance. Health Protection? We got you covered from diagnosis (critical illness), hospitalization, and rehabilitation to lessen the impact of your degrading health in your family. May you want to build an educational fund for your kids? Our team can help you build that perfect fund to address the need for increasing cost of education. The list continues from achieving your life goals, retirement, and estate planning.

My roster of clients come from diversified age, profession, and social status. You may want to invest but have a limited budget? No problem, I will cater you. I will help you achieve financial freedom from what you have. Might you think you have enough? Let’s assess if it is really enough upon consultation to see the areas you might be missing out.

Friendly with Utmost Professionalism

Me on the picture sporting my wacky pose. The tingin sa photographer to end the shoot already pose haha! Just sharing my latest pic which even my family haven’t seen to this day. 

Aside from the professional relationship I have with my clients, I can also be your friend, whom you can invite to attend your birthday party, wedding (I might be late for the ceremony but will be on time in reception for sure haha!), baptism of your kids, and other events you might want my presence. In other words, the financial advisor-client relationship we have will not end after consultation but will continue until your life goals are achieved. If you like my services you might as well recommend me to your family and friends.

More than the products I offer, it is always the exceptional service you can rely on me. For all your questions, you can call me thru 0917-775-8352 or e-mail me at federico.l.suanjr@sunlife.com.ph  or federico.suan@gmail.com. My office location is on 15th Floor, Frabelle Building, 111 Rada St., Makati City.

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Branch Awards: Best Unit August 2017

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Christmas Party: Royal Poinciana 2017

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