Things to Know in Sun Fit and Well From Perks to Benefits

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Sun Fit and Well is the most comprehensive health insurance in the Philippines until age 100. I know you are so familiar with it already so I will leave it like that. But if you’re still interested or maybe it’s your first encounter with Sun Fit and Well then I’ll be sharing a link below so please check that out. Because lately, I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the plan. So I thought you might be interested to know what makes Sun Fit and Well so special. Like is it worth it from all the benefits you can get? How much would it cost, perks of having the plan and so on? So now here it is.

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Sun Fit and Well Review (Quick Links):

1. Sample Proposal
2. Benefits and Perks of Getting a Sun and Fit Well
3. Request for a Sun Fit and Well Proposal

Sun Fit and Well Sample Proposal

I’ll be showing you a sample proposal of Sun Fit and Well (SFW) Advantage 10. So why advantage 10? Because this is the most comprehensive variant among the 3 (Basic, Plus, and Advantage) plus the difference in payment is just small. So why not get the most comprehensive, right? You will also get to see all the benefits included if it’s SFW Advantage.

Federico Suan, Jr. | 25 yrs old | Male | Non-smoker

Annual Premium: Php 52,860
Semi-Annual: Php 28,015.80
Quarterly: Php 14,536.50

The premium is based on a life insurance coverage of Php 1 Million. If you’ll notice, the premium becomes slightly expensive when you decide to pay it semi-annually or quarterly instead of annual mode. This is normal in all traditional life insurances and we call the added price as the modal factor.

Why modal factor is added? In traditional insurance, life insurance and cash value are guaranteed amounts. And these values are computed using the annual payment mode only.

Meaning you can get it at a cheaper price once you paid it annually. By how much? You can avail the plan for less than 10% once you pay it annually compared to paying it quarterly.

Sun Fit and Well Benefits

Sun Fit and Well covers the top 3 causes of death in the PhilippinesIf you’ll look at the premium alone it may sound unreasonable in paying Php 52,860 for 10 years, right? But with all the added benefits you can get from it you’ll see that getting the plan is worth it.

If you still wish to get a cheaper plan then you may consider Sun Maxilink Prime.

Life Insurance Coverage: Php 1 Million

This is the total life insurance you can get from the plan if you get diagnosed from any of the 64 major critical illness. Or if you’re suddenly called home by God then this is the amount your family can get so they can continue the dreams you have for them.

Total Disability Benefit (TDB): Waiver of Premiums

One of the best rider you can attach to your Sun Fit and Well Advantage. Remember that the plan is guaranteed to be payable for only 10 years? But what if you get totally and permanently disabled during the payment period? If you have TDB, Sun Life will take over in paying your premiums.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB): Php 1 Million

Another rider to consider is the ADB. If the cause of your sudden demise is due to an accident then your beneficiaries will be eligible to get the additional Php 1 Million on top of the life insurance coverage of Php 1 Million.

Minor Critical Illness Benefit: Php 200,000

This amount will be given to you once you get diagnosed from any of the 34 minor critical illness. You may claim up to 3 minor critical illness but the 3rd claim will only be Php 100,000.

Specific Cancer Booster: Php 500,000

This amount will be given to you on top of the major critical illness benefit if you are diagnosed with any of the 16 major cancer conditions.

Hospital Income Benefit: Php 1,250

This amount multiplied by the number of days of confinement will be given to you for a maximum of 90 days confinement under the same group and only up to 4 groups of Critical Illness. If you’re confined in the ICU, the amount will be doubled.

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Post Hospitalization Benefit: Php 5,000

You will receive this Php 5,000 upon hospital discharged. You can use this amount for a follow-up checkup.

Home Recovery Benefit: Php 625

This is the additional amount you will receive following the hospital discharge up to 90 days. The number of days will be determined on how long you’re confined in the hospital. If you are confined for let’s 90 days in the hospital then you will receive Php 56,250 as your home recovery benefit.

Palliative Care Benefit: Php 100,000

You will receive this amount if you become terminally ill with a life expectancy of 6 months or less. This amount can be used for your palliative care or in providing you relief from pain and stress caused by the illness.

Sun Fit and Well Perks

Aside from the main benefits of the plan that sounds too scary before you can get the benefits. Sun Life also wants you to enjoy the plan even without getting sick. These are the perks you can get once you avail a Sun Fit and Well plan.

Become a GoWell Gold Member

GoWell is a wellness community that promotes holistic wellness by having a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balanced life. It is the health and wellness advocacy of Sun Life aiming to help people live a healthier, brighter life.

Get a FREE GoWell Swag bag once you avail Sun Fit and Well plan

Get a GoWell Swag Bag for FREE

You’ll get this beautiful GoWell swag bag together with your Sun Fit and Well policy. This bag is perfect to bring in any GoWell health events. Have that “swag” in you by knowing that you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

Special Discounts and Privileges

You may also get special discounts and privileges from our partner stores. This a great way to get the fitness items you like at a cheaper price tag from your favorite establishments.

Collect Points and Get Apple Watch for FREE

Visit the GoWell website religiously to be updated in our events and blog post about nutrition plus get points. You can convert your points into Apple Watch which is a perfect way to monitor your fitness routine.

Free Fitness Classes

Get FREE weekly fitness classes from our partner gyms. You can also get the chance to meet fitness experts and coaches and gain training buddies by going to GoWell events.

Guaranteed Cash Value + Endowment + Bonus + Dividends

But wait there’s more. As soon as you fully paid your policy, Sun Life will give you a Special Paid-up Bonus of Php 27,709 that you can get or leave in Sun Life to accumulate. When you turn 60 years old you will have a total of Php 563,700 Guaranteed Savings. Your policy may also accumulate dividends of around Php 268,778 at age 65. You’ll also get a yearly Endowment benefit of Php 50,000 starting at age 65 until age 72.

Request Sun Fit and Well Proposal

Enjoy Sun Fit and Well even without getting sick, attend fitness events, avail discounts, and so much more while taking care of your health. Have peace of mind and be confident even if you become ill knowing that you can afford the treatments because you have a Sun Fit and Well Plan. Get a proposal and request for an appointment with us today!


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