Making Employees More Productive thru Financial Planning

TheWiseGuyPh, posing with the number 1 sign, done a financial planning session in a company in Makati. As a financial advisor, being invited to host an event like this is rather rare but very powerful initiative of a company to its employees. Only a few companies would take the time to arrange an event like this that’s why I guess they’re very attentive during the session. So if you are HR people who are actively looking for company benefits to give your employees? Or someone who holds a high position in a company then this post is for you.

What are the Perks of Financial Planning?

Financial Fitness 101 is a very boring subject plus the misnomer that it’s only for those who are good in Math. The fact is everyone becomes good in Math when it’s about money, agree? Just like your employees for an example who are very keen on their OT pays, holiday pays, incentives, bonuses and so on. So the big question now is how will it benefit you as an employer? Of course, they get to know how to manage their finances well but it also has a by-product called productivity that you need to drive sales. So here are the benefits of having financially fit employees.

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Three Benefits to Employees

  1. Employees will get to learn that they can’t truly be financially independent by just relying on their salary. The company can only commensurate salary based on their work that may not be enough if the employee will not take bright choices with his earnings.
  2. Financial independence can be achieved at any level of income. Contrary to what they know or to their popular excuse that it is only attained if they have a high income.
  3. They will learn that the ability to save has nothing to do with the size of their income. Financial independence is leaning more on the discipline side rather than the inflow of cash.

Two Main Benefits of Financial Planning to a Company

  1. Financial Planning can enhance the company’s image as a caring institution and looking after the welfare of their employees not only for the present but even for their future needs. This can boost your company’s programs to provide more reason for your employees to stay.
  2.  Creating a financially fit workforce can enable the company to optimize its productivity. Giving them more focus on their work than thinking the whole day, where will they get the payment for the tuition fee of their kids, payment to hospital bills and so on.

Request for a Financial Planning Session?

Give your employees more reason to stay by making them feel that you also care about their financial wellness. Financially fit employee is equal to a happy employee and a happy employee is a productive employee.


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