Why Put Your Advertisements Here on TheWiseGuyPh?

TheWiseGuyPh is a personal finance website I started in late 2017 in the hope of sharing the financial advice, tips, and even share my personal way of budgeting. Though I’m affiliated with Sun Life you may notice that around 40% of my post is not even related to it. This is because I love sharing my new knowledge with my readers and also to have something I can always go back in the future.

Why Should You Advertise on my Blog?

Setting up a website is a very tedious process from getting a domain, hosting, creating evergreen contents, and coming up with the look and feel of the website. But that’s just the beginning of every little blog or website. Enough said, here are the reasons why you should put your ads on my blog.

1. Implements Good SEO and SERP Analysis

No one would argue that search engine optimization is one great ingredient to make a blog rank in search engine, right. I have to admit that I’m no expert in SEO nor SERP. I was a telecommunication engineer and this is somewhat new to me. But as you can see most of my blog posts are on the first page which means I get a good amount of audience on my blog which is important than being an expert. This is because I do SEO religiously and do SERP on the side to be able to improve my site’s performance.

2. Growing Audience

I’ve mentioned that most of my blog posts are on the first page even on competitive keywords. A competitive keyword is a keyword that receives a huge volume of search in a single day which in turn giving a website more site visits because of its volume. Posting your ads with us means giving you more presence to the audience you would like to reach. January 2019, for example, has been a good month for me giving my blog a total of 52,132 site visits.  As early as now I will tell you that February is even better giving me more visits than what I get daily last January.

3. Audience That Stays

A good indication that a blog is good if the readers take time to read the contents. As a rule of thumb, they must stay for at least a minute (well that depends on the topic). But here in my blog, the average time spent of my readers on a single blog post is 4 min and 56 sec which is better than the threshold. This means that your ads will get more time exposure, isn’t that great? The longer they stay the more you get the chance to attract them to get your products.

4. Get a Good Ad Space

This is the first time I’m opening my blog for advertisements so I would like you to have the best spot on my blog which is my sidebar. This measures a good 300 by 300 pixels which is more than enough to showcase your products or services. And if you think you want other space as well then we can talk about that possibility. All you have to do is to contact me and let’s do business.

5. Support My Advocacy

The advocacy of my blog is to reach as many Filipinos as possible to educate them about personal finance. We all know that getting a fat paycheck is just half of the battle in achieving financial freedom and the other half comes from the knowledge on how to properly spend your hard-earned money. If you decide to put your advertisements on my website then it’s one way of showing support for my advocacy. In return, it will help me produce more valuable post that could possibly help them financially.

So what are you waiting for call now and contact us? I only have three slots on my sidebars to offer and one is already taken. Grab your laptop and e-mail me or call my number.

Engr. Federico Suan, Jr.

Financial Advisor
Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc.
15th Floor Frabelle Building
Rada St, Legazpi Village Makati City
Mobile/Viber: 09177758352 (Globe) and 0926030127 (Smart)
Email: federico.l.suanjr@sunlife.com.ph


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