My Ipon Diary by Chinkee Tan: Review

My Ipon Diary by Chinkee tan

Last January 20, Chinkee Tan has released a new book called “My Ipon Diary” which is a follow-up to his successful book “Diary of a Pulubi”. He is known for being a great motivational speaker who combines financial topics with humor.

I’ve seen him once and I can really say that he’s really made to speak in front of a huge audience. I also follow his facebook page Chinkee Tan to get a daily scoop of financial advice that’s not only timely but also relevant to me that I can share with my clients.

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Come on, even a financial advisor still needs advice haha. We hunger to study more because there are so many things to learn.

Okay! Let’s get started.

The books are signed by Chinkee Tan himself. Imagine the number of books he signed. Oh well, you can really feel his dedication.

3 Things I like in My Ipon Diary

Tipid Monitoring Chart

We all know that saving money starts with monitoring your expenses. You can’t manage what you don’t measure or in other words, you can’t make TIPID to make IPON if you don’t take time to LISTA your expenses. (Wow, ang conyo ko dun hehe okay back to my real self.)

Raise your hands if you know that. That’s fine, you can put it down now and don’t feel sad if you don’t.

My Ipon Diary is a great tool to start monitoring your expenses and identifying your needs from your wants. Once you identified them you can now tick off your wants out of your budget.

Hello Savings here I come! Tipid monitoring chart is all you need. Joke. You need to condition yourself of course that this challenge, after all, is for your benefit.

S.M.A.R.T Goal

This is another winner from this book. We define the goal as a plan with a course of action. Yes, action indeed. Remember to start with the end in mind.

Suan, kaka-start palang eh end na agad?

That’s why you need to have a SMART goal.

Kung smart ka dapat ang goal mo ay SMART din.

SMART means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Once you have a SMART goal then you’re bound to achieve it. I will explain this with an example.

Example: I want to save Php 50,000 for a brand new laptop (ASUS ROG GL552JX) that I will be using for my graphics needs in website design. I need to do it for 5 months out of my Php40,000 monthly salary.

Your SMART goal should look like this.

Specific: brand new laptop (ASUS ROG GL552JX)
Measurable: worth php50,000
Attainable: I need to save at least 25% of my monthly salary for the next five months
Relevant: graphics needs in website design
Time-bound: 5 months

52-Weeks Ipon Challenge

This challenge has been really popular this year so you might know someone from your workplace who accepted the challenge. What I don’t like about the challenge is it becomes tricky and very hard to do especially in the later part.

Chinkee, on the other hand, suggested a cool and more manageable way of getting started. Instead of joining the bandwagon of saving 1 peso, 5 pesos, 10 pesos, 20 pesos, up to 1000 pesos can be really hard for someone who just started saving up.

Yes, Chinkee you made a fan out of me.

Come on guys, save what you can save and don’t limit yourself from it. If you can save 52,000 per year then good. If you can save more than that then it’s better.

You don’t need to challenge anyone but yourself.

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