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Good news! We are now accepting online applications of life insurance and investment plans. It is in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as we value your safety above all. It means that there is no need for a face-to-face meeting—a new normal in getting insured.

4 Easy Steps in Applying Life Insurance Online

With the ongoing pandemic and ECQ, many are now appreciating the value of life insurance more than ever. Indeed, it highlighted the need for financial preparedness and health protection. It also explains the sudden surge of insurance applications now.

So here are the 4 easy steps in applying for life insurance online.

E-Financial Planning

Set online financial planning with a trusted financial advisor, just like me. I’ll guide you in getting life insurance or investment plan that best fits your needs. Don’t worry; financial planning is short and fun. So give yourself and family a “crisis-proof” financial plan.

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After coming up with a financial plan you like, it is now time to fill out the digital application forms. I will assist you in data collection to expedite the whole process. And then it will be sent to you via email so you can check if it’s filled out correctly.


If everything is fine, you may now pay the initial premium. It is via online banking, GCash, Paymaya, credit card, etc. Just secure the proof of payment and send it to me. Now, your insurance application will be submitted electronically.

But in the meantime, you’ll get your temporary life insurance while we are processing your application.

E-Policy Contract

Upon approval, you will receive an advanced policy contract via email. Of course, you will still get a hard copy of the policy after ECQ. It will be delivered to you.

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3 Benefits of Online Insurance Application

The current situation has changed the landscape of the insurance industry. Previously, a face-to-face meeting is required before you can apply for life insurance. But because we need it more than ever, the insurance industry adopted the so-called “new normal.”

So here are the 3 benefits of getting life insurance online.

Apply anywhere in the Philippines

Another good news! Now that we are going online, I can be your financial advisor wherever you are in the country. Previously, my clients are only in NCR, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, and Cavite. So, just connect with me if you need financial advice.

Get insured in the comforts of your home

You can get life insurance in the safety and comfort of your home. You just need a stable internet connection and laptop (tablet or phone), an open heart, and a sound mind to make the right financial decision.

Faster processing of insurance application

Before, it may take 2 to 3 weeks to process insurance applications because of the manual process. Now, it can be done in a day or two.

Connect with Federico

I know that you are excited to set a financial planning session with me. I’m also thrilled to widen my reach because it means that I can help more people through my advocacy—changing lives.

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