Sun Maxilink One and Sun Flexilink1: Better Returns than Banks

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sun maxilink one

Banks usually pay 0.5% p.a. for a savings account and 1% p.a. for time deposits. Investment in SPVUL is placed in Index Fund with an average historical return of 10% p.a.

Sun Maxilink One and Sun Flexilink1 are a single-pay VUL or simply SPVUL offered by Sun Life. Combining the benefits of life insurance protection and investment in one product without upfront premium charges, thereby accelerating the accumulation of fund value.

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Get Better Returns than Banks

I’m guessing, you are currently enjoying less than 2% interest p.a. for your savings and time deposit accounts, right? The interest rates offered by banks are definitely way below the average inflation rate of 4% (UPDATE: Inflation is t 6.4% as of August 2018). It basically means that your money is being eaten up by inflation.

At first, you might be thinking that your money is earning but is actually decreasing in value. If you have a time deposit that earns 2% per year then it means that your money is also losing its value by 2% (currently losing 4.4%) every year. (Akala mo na tumutubo pero nalulugi ka na pala).

The only time your money earns is when you beat inflation. You can do it by putting your money in a high yielding investment product like Sun Maxilink One or Sun Flexilink1. These products let your money work harder for you. What I like about money is that they can work 24/7 without getting exhausted.


1. Life Insurance Coverage

Your family will get a lump sum that they can use for your final expenses and continue the life they are living prior to your demise. Life insurance coverage is the minimum death benefit or the fund value whichever is higher.

Minimum death benefit is equal to 125% of single premium less 125% of each partial withdrawals if any.

2. Guaranteed Insurability

No medical exam, health restriction, and age limit are applied to Sun Maxilink One. However, this is still subject to company guidelines.

3. Investment Component

You have the freedom to invest in the 9 available funds, depending on your risk appetite and financial objectives. This is best explained by a Financial Advisor who will guide you in picking the most suitable fund for you.

Sun Flexilink1– if you wanted to invest at least Php 200,000 then this plan is for you.
Sun Maxilink One– if you have more than Php 250,000 then go with this plan.

Bank Interest Rates Vs. Inflation

bdo bpi mbt deposit rates

We all know how inflation become a hindrance in making our financial goals come into reality. Now, the problem is how can we knock inflation down to its begging knees? Let’s get down and dirty with numbers (I will limit myself as I still want you to enjoy a sound sleep haha!). Are you ready?

Teka lang Suan, kung totoo yan, bakit sinabi sa akin ng lolo’t lola ko na magandang mag-ipon sa bangko?

Gone are the days that banks give high-interest rates for your savings deposit that your grandparents enjoyed. Today savings deposit rate and even time deposits can no longer beat inflation so you must find a better place to put your money, like Sun Maxilink One and Sun Flexilink1.

Sample Computation:
Mr. Unwise has Php 100,000 in time deposit account locked for 5 years that pays 1% p.a. hoping to earn higher than the regular savings account. Can he beat inflation by putting his money in time deposit?

No, because after 5 years, Mr. Unwise has only Php 105,101 on his time deposit account which is short by Php 16,564 to beat inflation. (Imbes na tumubo ay nalugi ka pa ng Php 16,564.) If he just invested his money elsewhere like in Sun Flexink1 then his fate might have changed.

Make Your Money Grow in Sun Flexilink1 or Sun Maxilink One

As a general rule of thumb, any financial instrument that beats inflation is a good investment. Meaning, you’re looking for an investment that gives equal to or greater than 4% interest per annum.

Index Fund is one of the best performing funds of Sun Life which mimic the performance of PSEi (Philippine Stock Exchange Index). The fund invests primarily in common stocks that comprise PSEi and in cash and other money market instruments.

sun maxilink one

The rest of the funds include Growth Fund, Income Fund, Growth PLUS Fund, Opportunity Fund, My Future Fund, Captains Fund, Money Market Fund, and Opportunity Tracker Fund (newly launched).

Note: Risks associated with this plan is borne solely by the investor. Interest rates are not guaranteed as it may fluctuate in value due to the volatility of the market where you plan to invest. 

Remember: Risk is not always bad. Investment return is proportional to the risk you are willing to take. The higher the risk the higher the return.

What is Index Fund?

sun maxilink oneThis fund is for an aggressive investor who is willing to take risks for higher returns. The average historical return of Index Fund is around 10%, thereby beating inflation and making your money grow.

If you have invested Php 500,000 last January 2017 in Index Fund then it would have grown to Php  611,300 by October 2017 or total earnings of Php 111,300 in less than a year.

Who gets the best value for his money? Mr. Wise Guy, who gets a Sun Maxilink One Plan with a single premium of Php 500,000 invested in Index Fund or Mr. Unwise Guy who places his Php 500,000 in time deposit that yields 1% p.a.? Compounding their money for 5 years.

sun maxilink one

Both of them need to have at least Php 608,326 by the end of 5 years to be able to retain the purchasing power of their money.

In the first year, Mr. Unwise Guy is already having difficulty in keeping up with inflation and this continue until the 5th year. He is short by Php 82,821 to retain the purchasing power of his money.

On the other hand, Mr. Wise Guy was able to beat inflation and earned Php 305,255 at the end of the 5th year and this makes him wiser compared to the other investor.

(Mr. Wise Guy really knows where to put his money!)

Did you see the huge difference of Php 279,750?

Why would you settle for less when you can actually have more with Sun Maxilink One and Sun Flexilink1? Enjoy the benefits of wise investing today!

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If you wanted to know more you can fill out this form and get a proposal from us. You may also request a Financial Consultation. Don’t worry because I guarantee a short, fun, and factual meeting. You will not be forced to get any plan from me if you don’t like it. You may only be required to learn from the session and share it with your friends.

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  • Micah Esguerra Link Reply

    Does Sun MaxiLink One have a lock in period if i have 500k to invest for. Can I withdraw it anytime as emergencies arise?

    • Hi Micah. You have a really nice question. Yes, this is withdrawable anytime. However, fees may apply. If your timeframe is less than 5 years I will not recommend any kind of single pay VULs like Sun Maxilink One. If the need arises in the early stages of your plan you may incur losses inherent to the fluctuating nature of the investment product.

      Please meet a financial advisor who can give you a piece of sound financial advice and your other options to answer your needs. Thanks 🙂

  • Herbert Velasco Link Reply

    Is the only difference of Sunflexilink1 from Sun Maxilink One will be the amount of single pay?

    • Hi Herbert. You can add additional money in Sun Flexilink 1 but not in Sun Maxilink One. The differences and which one is best suited for you can be known thru personal financial planning. Thank you 🙂

  • Rose Link Reply

    Hi Sir Suan,
    I have heard about this Sunlife Investment from a friend. It was interesting. I have few questions pa po.
    Kindly send me po the complete details?
    Kind regards,

  • Veegie Viña Link Reply

    Can i have a complete details of Sun Maxilink One and Sun Maxilink Prime? Thank you.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Ma’am Veegie. I’ll send it shortly but may I know first if you have filled out the form above? If not, please fill it out so I can give my initial assessment. Thanks!

  • jeffrey caracas Link Reply

    Kindly send the complete details of Sun Flexilink One. Thank you

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Jeffrey. I already sent the details to your wife. Hopefully, we can set a meeting the soonest time. Thanks!,

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