What’s next after using the e-BIRForms?

Filing tax is now hassle-free using e-BIRForms. Wherein you can file your taxes using the offline e-BIRForms. You can use it to file your annual registration and taxes in the comforts of your home.

Actually, I do not have plans to writing this blog. I find my existing blog enough. However, many are still confused about what to do after using the e-BIRForms. The common question is, “Will I get a new COR.” Many are asking, “Will BIR be sending me proof that I settled my taxes?” So here’s the blog for you.

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What should I do next after using the e-BIRForms?

Actually, the answers to those questions are already in the confirmation message and email. But I guess it is more of your assurance. So here’s what you can expect to do after filing quarterly tax, percentage tax, annual registration fee, etc using the e-BIRForm.

Pay via Authorized Agent Bank

First, click the submit button, and once successful, print at least 3 copies of your filled-out form from the e-BIRForms. Now, go to your email and look for the email confirmation, and print at least 3 copies.

Go to any authorized agent bank. Then ask for a BIR transaction slip and fill it out. The bank teller will validate the forms and give you a copy.

The copy you receive will serve as proof that you paid your annual registration fee, quarterly percentage tax, quarterly tax, annual tax, etc.

And you’re done!

You don’t have to go to your RDO and submit the forms anymore because you already filed them online. Also, you will not receive a hard copy of anything from BIR. Your validated form is already enough.

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Pay via GCash

The same is also true when you pay using GCash. The only difference is that you will not be required to print anything. But of course, for safekeeping purposes, print it so you will have proof when needed. Don’t forget to save digital copies as well.

That’s it.

I hope it helped you.


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  1. Hello po! I already filed my annual ITR online using form 1701A and I received the confirmation email as well. Do I need to submit po ba the OR and book of account sa RDO?

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