Get Regular Stream of Living Income with Sun Life’s Endowment Plans

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sun-life-endowment-plansSun Life endowment plan is one of the answers by Sun Life to the different needs of its clients. Insurance plan is not a one size fits all product. If you don’t like VUL plan because if its inherent volatility then you may consider getting an endowment plan with guaranteed benefits.

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Sun Life Endowment Plans (Quick Links)

1. What is an Endowment Plan?
2. Sun Acceler8
3. Sun First Aid Plus
4. Sun Startup
5. Sun Dream Achiever
6. Contact Us

What is an Endowment Plan?

An endowment plan is a life insurance contract that pays a lump sum after a specified time (maturity or death). This kind of traditional insurance plan has the highest form of saving thus the premium is also higher than a whole life/limited pay/term insurance. If you want to get a guaranteed regular stream of income then an endowment plan is for you.

  • What makes the traditional plan unique is it shields us from the market fluctuations. Worry no more because the benefits of traditional policy like an endowment plan are guaranteed regardless of the performance of the market.
  • It can also serve as contingency funds for the times you badly needed money for emergencies as you are allowed to take a loan against the policy (compared to withdrawing funds from your VUL plan when the market is down or taking a high-interest loan from a bank).
  • The anticipated endowment benefit gives you a regular stream of income.

Sun Acceler8


The image was grabbed from Sun Life official website.

Sun Acceler8 is a 20-year endowment insurance plan from Sun Life that provides increasing guaranteed life insurance benefit. It also has guaranteed cash benefit that you can use for your child’s education and school-related expenses.

Benefits of Sun Acceler8

  1. It is 8 years to pay insurance plan that covers you for 20 years. If you survive the policy you’ll get 102% of the Face Amount.
  2. Life insurance coverage increases by 16% on an annual basis up to the 8th year with the maximum of 228% of the Face Amount.
  3. The guaranteed cash benefit is given after the 8th year and every 2 years thereafter. The cash benefit increases by 2% every 2 years.
  4. The plan can be surrendered at any time for cash value.
  5.  Policyowner is entitled to get a non-guaranteed Special Paid-Up Bonus at the end of 8th year.


  • Age: 0-65 (non-smoker) and  16-65 (smoker)
  • Minimum Face Amount: Php 500,000
  • Riders: ADB, TDB, WPD, WPDD, HIB, & CIB
  • Non-Forfeiture Option: Reduced Paid-Up Insurance (default) and Premium Advance

Sun First Aid Plus


A 10-year non-participating hospital income Simplified Insurability Offer (SIO) product with a money back feature or return of premiums. The return of premium is equal to 50% of the original premiums paid at the end of the 10th policy year.

Benefits of Sun First Aid Plus

  • Daily Hospital Income (DHI) is the amount payable daily to the insured once hospitalized. The benefit is subject to the maximum of 180 days per year for sickness and 365 days per year if confined due to illness. The maximum DHI is 90 days per admission (continuous confinement).
  • Long Term Hospital Income (LTHI) is the additional income given to the insured if hospitalization exceeds 30 days with respect to the same confinement. The benefit is subject to the maximum of 180 days per year for sickness and 365 days per year if confined due to illness. The maximum DHI is 90 days per admission (continuous confinement).
  • Intensive Care Unit Income (ICUI) is an additional income in case of confinement in the ICU. The benefit is subject to the maximum of 180 days per year whether if the confinement is due to sickness or accident and a maximum of 90 days per admission.
  • Surgical Benefit will amount to 10 times of the amount availed.


Issue Ages: 18 too 55
Minimum Plan Amount: Php 2,000
Maximum Plan Amount: Php 10,000
Riders: ADB and TDB (built-in)

Sun Startup

sun-startup-the-wise-guy-phSun Startup is also a 10-pay, non-participating endowment insurance, with maturity benefit of 50% return of premium (ROP) given at the end of the 10th year. You can apply for this plan under the Simplified Offer (SIO) up to the first Php 1 Million coverage. Regular underwriting applies beyond the SIO limit and if the life insured will be declined under SIO guidelines.

Benefits of Sun Startup

  • The first million coverage is offered under SIO.
  • You can surrender the plan at any time for cash value.
  • It has a non-forfeiture option of either extended term insurance or automatic premium advance only.


Issue Age: 18 to 50
Minimum Face Amount: Php 200,000
Rider: ADB only

Sun Dream Achiever

sun-dream-achiever-the-wise-guy-phA 5-pay, participating endowment insurance perfect for education planning for your kids of the benefits payable in 4 installments which start at your chosen year between 12-17 years from the date of issue.

Benefits of Sun Dream Achiever

  • The educational benefit is guaranteed to increase by 15 % every year where total benefits equal to 100% of the face amount with maturity on the fourth education payout.
  • It has cash value and dividends that you can leave to the company to accumulate.
  • Simplified Insurability Offer (SIO) up to the first Php 500,00 coverage.
  • Early or deferred payout is not allowed.


Issue Age: 18 to 40
Minimum Face Amount: Php 250,000
Riders: ADB, TDB and Contingent Benefit upon Total Disability (CBTD)
Non-forfeiture Option: Reduced Paid-Up and Automatic Premium Advance

Contact Us:

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