The Promise of a Sun Life Financial Advisor

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Jayvee Lazaro Badile II with his death claim processed in less than two hours

If you are reading this then I guess you already have an insurance policy or currently looking for one. Everyone, of course, is in search of the best deal in life insurance. Most will correlate the word best deal to a cheaper price tag.  But for me when it comes to life insurance best deal means that I can get my money when I need it or let’s say my family can claim the benefits when I’m gone.

Here’s a story of how fast Sun Life can process claims I believe everyone would like to experience when claiming benefits.

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The Promise of a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Today, I delivered the final promise of Sun Life to its client. I processed a Death Claim in less than two hours.

2:23 PM – I handed the requirements to the Claims Department. (1) Valid IDs, (2) Death Certificate and (3) Claimant’s Statement
3:29 PM – The claim has been approved.
4:21 PM – The full amount of insurance and investment, tax-free was handed to me.

Thanks to Sun Life’s Claims Department for your speedy and warm accommodation. This is my first time to process a Death Claim. I didn’t expect that it would be this easy and hassle-free.

Nothing can ease the pain of grief and lamentation when someone important to you passed away. Life insurance is a final show of love to the bereaved family.

Tomorrow, I will deliver the check to the beneficiary. I still can’t believe I’m doing this.

Final Thoughts

While it’s very alluring to get a cheap life insurance plan for your future needs you might also want to consider if they are providing a positive client experience. As they say in insurance, a good life insurance is not cheap and a cheap plan is not usually good. If you are buying a life insurance protection then why not get it from a reputable company like Sun Life that can provide you what’s promised.

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  • Novee Anne Albalos Link Reply


    I am interested in getting a life insurance for myself and a College Plan for my now 5 year old daughter. Can you please send me all the details that i need to know.
    Thank you.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Novee Ann. Are you just around Manila? This is best discussed in person. If you don’t have time you may kindly browse my homepage for financial products that we offer. All the things you need to know are already there. Just let me know if you have questions or if I could be of help for you. Thanks

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