I Got My Memorial Plan from PhilPlans

I got my memorial plan from PhilplansEverything is affected by inflation even final expenses like a casket, flowers, interment, memorial lot just to name a few. I can still remember spending a little less than Php 150k when my father died 3 years ago. Considering that we already have a memorial lot in a private cemetery near our home. So I was thinking if just in case I will be called too soon I also want to get a decent wake. 

3 Reasons to Chose Philplans

I started my search in the middle of 2018 about St. Peter memorial package but ended up with Philplans last December. I know, this post is long overdue hehe. Despite my thorough research, I have chosen Philplan even on my first encounter with my friend’s agent.

Just like that, I shifted my plan of getting it with another provider because of 5 reasons. Oh, I think it’s actually 6 if I need to add how pleased I am with my agent 🙂

1. Flexible Payment Options

They have different kinds of memorial plans depending on your budget. They also have super flexible payment options like you can pay your plan in 1, 3, 5 years. When you opt for installment package you can pay the succeeding dues thru online banking which I like the most.

2. FREE Accidental Insurance

All of us like freebies regardless of what it is for as long as it free. Just like the free accident insurance I got from my Payapa Plan. But to set your expectation, I only got the Php 50k package payable in 5 years and planning to get another plan in the future.

What I like about the insurances attached in my plan is that if I die within the paying period then my plan is considered fully paid. My family will also get another Php 50k aside from the memorial service worth Php 50k.

3. Increasing Memorial Service Benefit

The initial memorial service benefit in my plan is only Php 50,000 but after the paying period, it will increase by 5% per year. Meaning my plan will be Php 52,500 on the 6th year, Php 55,000 on the 7th year and so on which will somehow protect my plan by being eaten up by inflation.

4. Die with Class

Another thing I truly like about my plan is that I can die handsomely peacefully. Kidding aside, it is their partnership with several memorial service provider. Meaning you have the choice, or should I say your family, in picking the best in your area.

Photo credits to Heritage Park

5. Accessible

The first 4 reasons are just icing on the cake because what makes me really chose Philplans is the accessibility. My family can just call the Philplans service hotline anytime to get assistance if needed.

Because they are affiliated with several funeral parlors then having a viewing area will never be an issue. I heard several horror stories about having a hard time finding a place when it happens.

Imagine, you’re already dead and yet waiting for your queue in getting a viewing room? Just something I don’t want for the plan I paid with my hard earned money.

And our home may not be ready to accept friend visits during that time. Baka magulo at makalat. I want them to remember me in a good way hehe.

I Just Love My Payapa Plan

Don’t get me wrong but I’m not selling a memorial plan nor affiliated with Philplans. Just treat me as a happy and satisfied client. Maybe I was just lucky to stumble upon my agent who explained my plan well and why I should get it from them.

If you are looking for a memorial plan then you may consider their services and you may also consider my agent, the very least I can do for her. I will put her details below and don’t forget to tell her you got it from my blog.


Ms. Consolacion Escalona (Tita Sol)
Philplans Agent

2 thoughts on “I Got My Memorial Plan from PhilPlans

  1. Hi Sir Federico. This is really helpful. By the way, I have a question and hope you can help me. What if a family member or beneficiary dies within the paying period, can I use my memorial plan to cover the expenses? Or can I just do this after the plan has been fully paid? Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hi Kayla. The plan is named after the owner. So the only time it will be considered fully paid is when the owner dies. But if you will transfer it during the paying period then you must pay the balance before you can use the plan. Thanks 🙂

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