Did not Receive the Proposal You Requested?

Some of you might have filled out the proposal request form twice or even more but still haven’t received a proposal yet? I know that you are in search for the best life insurance plan but you might have been doing some mistakes unintentionally. That’s why I come up with this post so you’ll have an idea why I never sent you a proposal. If you would like to get one then you shouldn’t do any of the following.

TheWiseGuyPh Just Like to Know You Better!

Many of you might not be aware but my blog is growing rapidly just as the number of inquiries I get from my valued readers, just like you, every day. As much as possible I would like to respond to each of them so that I can share and impart my knowledge to my readers but there’s only me who manage this blog. That’s why I set some personal standards before communicating with you and these are the following reasons why you did not receive a proposal.  You’ll definitely find this reasonable after reading this.

1. Putting Your Nickname

The common mistake you do is to put your nickname instead of your full name. Yes, I can send you a proposal stating your nickname BUT isn’t it nice to let me know you better? My name, contact details, and even some of my personal details are already written on my blog so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. I won’t go thru the hassle of building a website just to fool people.  It’s also good to know that what you’re interested in is an insurance plan. No insurance company can ensure someone by an alias or nickname. Let me call you by your nickname but let put your full name on the proposal.

2. NO Contact Details Provided

Another common mistake you do is not providing your contact details. Obviously, I can send you one if you did not provide your e-mail address to us where I normally send the proposal. Just to let you know, it normally takes around 10-15 minutes before I can finish a proposal including the attachment/s so I always check if the email is correct. I don’t also send a proposal if the contact number is missing. I would like to reach you in an instant to let you know that I already sent it to your email address. I know how valuable your time is and so is mine so please be courteous enough in filling out the form.

3. You Are Also An Advisor

I do profiling from time to time to further check your identity so if you are an advisor coming from a different company you may not receive a proposal from me. As a Financial Advisor we are expected to show with the utmost professionalism and asking a proposal from an advisor in a different company and masking your identity is very unprofessional and lowly. If you really want one, please contact me privately and let’s talk from there.

4. Incomplete Details

While most of the questions I ask on my forms are required there are few that can still find a way to fill it out without providing the necessary information. I won’t be sharing those but I know what you did there. You know that we can’t make a proposal just by knowing your name and age, technically we can but doing so will make us a CHEAP financial advisor giving you an unfit proposal and unsound advice you don’t deserve.

5. You Said “Don’t Contact Me”

I just asked how serious are you in getting insured and you answered not to contact you that’s why I don’t. If you are not serious in getting insured you might be wasting your time and someone else’s time who can provide you with the best possible solution to your financial problems in the future. Please note that requesting a proposal is like requesting a portion of my time. If you are not serious in this, I don’t know how I can help you.

6. You Did Not Provide a Reason

Sometimes we have our reasons why we do what we do and one way of letting me know that is to write a reason on the comment box. I do accept your reason so don’t be afraid to say if you have been previously a victim of fraud, identity theft, scam, and other things that will compromise your safety and well-being.

And that’s basically it.

I just love to know more about you so I can personalize my proposal for you. Yes, we do live in a technologically advanced era but that doesn’t mean we need to be so distant, right?