TheWiseGuyPh: Your Top Advisor for the Month of April 2018

Hi. I’m Federico Suan, Jr. an Electronics Engineer and a financial blogger wannabe who writes everything in bad English so please spare me if I commit a lot of mistakes. I’m the man behind TheWiseGuyPH but hey I’m not “the wise guy” alone, you’re also wise for getting insured, and managing your finances well, so it’s not just me because anyone could be that.

If you don’t have insurance yet then this might be the perfect time to get one. Let me be your financial advisor for life. You can read the articles below for more information.

Enjoy the Brighter Life

After sleepless nights and endless cramming on what to post on my facebook fan page and on my blog, I’m happy to share this victory with you guys who made everything possible. To my friends, clients, and clients who become my friends thank you for choosing me as your financial advisor. I know I couldn’t make it without your support. Shoutout to my very supportive manager Sir Raymund Fabro Camat of MoneyTalkPH whose most supportive manager, mentor, brother, and my life peg.

I am your top advisor in lives for the month of April. Thanks, BM Jo for recognizing us no matter how small or big the achievement. Are you still looking for a trusted Financial Advisor? Look no more, I’m ready to serve you. Just contact me thru the following options.

Engr. Federico Suan, Jr.,CIS
Financial Advisor
Mobile/Viber: 09177758352


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