Sun Maxilink Prime Review: Is it the right plan for you?

Sun Maxilink Prime Review

I’ll be sharing with you a comprehensive Sun Maxilink Prime Review. You already know that it is the best selling life insurance and investment plan from Sun Life, right? You might be thinking, “Is this the best plan for me?”

So here are a few reasons why it might be the best plan for you.

10 Reasons Why Sun Maxilink Prime is the Best Plan For You

A few years ago, I also asked myself, “Is it the best plan that I can get?” I bet you have the same question in mind. Fast forward, I’m currently paying for 6 life insurance plans, and it remains my top pick.

So what made me and my clients choose Sun Maxilink Prime? I want to be transparent; that’s why aside from my views, I also compiled the reasons of my client. And here they are.

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1. Financial Security

First things first, life insurance is the main benefit of Sun Maxilink Prime. It provides financial security that your family can still proceed with the dreams you made together even when you are gone.

For millennials and non-breadwinner, it serves as repayment or an act of gratitude to their parents.

One of my clients, an engineer, said, “Ton, para ‘to sa parents ko. Naisip ko kasi paano kung mawala ako agad, eh di pa naman ganun kalaki ang ipon ko.”

For breadwinners, it serves as a blanket of protection.

I asked another client, a pharmacist, “Sir, bakit niyo po biglang naisipan kumuha ng life insurance? He said, “Yung pinsan ko kasi, namatay kailan lang. May nakuhang pera yung mga anak galing sa life insurance. Napaisip ako na importante pala ang life insurance lalo na at nag-aaral pa yung mga anak ko.”

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Another client, a lawyer, said, “Alam mo Federico, madami na nag-alok sa akin ng life insurance not until my nephew died in an accident. I was bothered kasi he’s too young at meron pang baby. If it happened to him, it might also happen to me, eh paano na yung mga anak ko? That’s why I called and meet you agad for help.”

2. Increasing Life Insurance Coverage

Unlike other VUL plans, Sun Maxilink Prime provides increasing life insurance coverage. It is made possible because your beneficiary will get the basic life insurance plus the accumulated fund value.

My client, a teacher, joyfully shared, “Ton, last week, meron nag present sa akin na whichever is higher daw yung makukuha between life insurance or fund value. Ayos pala yung plan na ‘to kasi parehas makukuha⁠—walang sayang.”

Imagine if you have Php 1Million life insurance, and at the time of your demise, your investment is already Php900k. In other plans, your beneficiaries may only get Php 1M because it is the higher amount between the two.

But with Sun Maxilink Prime, they will get Php1.9 Million.

That’s a huge difference, right?

3. Growing Investment Fund

Sun Maxilink Prime gives you access to vast investment opportunities similar to a mutual fund. You may enjoy interest rates from 4% to 10 % p.a. that you won’t usually get in a bank. Probably, it’s one of the reasons why many are now compelled to get life insurance plans. Back in the days, life insurance is focused on death benefits, which only answers the question, “what will happen to my family if I die early.”

On the other hand, Sun Maxilink Prime answers two questions, “what if I die too early” and “what if I live too long.” Surely, if you live too long, you may reap the rewards of your investment.

4. Professionally Managed Funds

In Sun Maxilink Prime, a professional fund manager will look after your investments. These fund managers are 10, 15, 20, or even more years of experience. Thus, giving you confidence that your hard-earned money is rightfully managed.

I asked another client, an accountant, “Ano yung nagustuhan mo sa Sun Maxilink Prime?” She answered, “Gusto ko na professionally managed siya. Sobrang busy sa work lalo na at kapromote ko lang. Minsan 11 pm na ko nakakauwi, wala na kong time to monitor my investments personally.”

5. Flexible Payment Scheme

You can pay it annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly via auto-debit arrangement. So you can settle it in the most flexible way for you. Sun Maxilink Prime is also at least 10 years to pay plan provided that no partial withdrawals are made.

You may also increase your investment fund in two ways.

  • Pay more than your due. So if you have a Php50k annual plan then you may pay Php60k. The additional Php10k will go straight to your investment fund.
  • Pay beyond 10 years. If you wish to continue paying for your plan (which is done by many), you may do so. Anything you pay beyond 10 years is added to your investment fund.

Remember, the bigger the capital means the more interest you can earn.

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6. A Test of Commitment

You already know that Sun Maxilink Prime is a minimum of 10 years to pay plan. Technically, 10 years is a long time. Just like growing a tree, it will not bear fruit overnight. Hence, you must be committed when you decide to get this plan.

I have been working since 2015, and it felt like time just passed me by. It might be the same after 10 years. So always look far ahead, the benefits and rewards you may reap after the long wait.

7. Customized Based on Needs

It can be tailored fit based on your financial needs and requirements. You may add optional benefits like an accidental benefit, critical illness benefit, and hospital income benefit to your plan. Just keep in mind that critical illness benefit and hospital income benefit is paid continuously after 10 years.

8. A Sense of Fulfillment

If I ask you, “when do you usually feel fulfilled?” Probably, it’s when you finished a task, or maybe a plan, and it felt you’ve done something right. I’ll tell you; it is the same with this plan. After 10 years, it will give you a sense of fulfillment because you have done something not just for yourself but also for your family.

9. Forced Saving Mechanism

Most millennials, and even young adults, find it difficult to save money. I have to admit; I also find it difficult. It’s really hard to choose between saving money versus buying clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc.

Sun Maxilink Prime makes it easy for you to save money because you are billed regularly. Just like utility bills, you need to settle it on time, or else your line will be cut. And you simply don’t want that to happen with your insurance policy, right?

I asked another client, HR manager, “Ma’am, bakit mo nagustuhan yung Sun Maxilink Prime?” She answered, “Gusto ko yung idea na parang utility bill lang siya, mapipilitan ka talaga mag-ipon.”

10. Develop Good Money Habits

Most importantly, Sun Maxilink Prime can help you develop good money habits because you are redirecting a portion of your money to something of value. Sure, you need those pairs of shoes, clothes, bags, or even a few vacations because you deserve it. Maybe, it will not hurt if you buy 2 new pairs of shoes instead of 3?

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My point is, you don’t have to sacrifice all your comforts in life—just a bit. Life is too short to be so deprived of the things you deserve.

On the flip side, it will give a different kind of comfort to you because you know your family is protected no matter what.

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