Sun Life’s Thanksgiving Celebration: KeyZ to Domin8

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Did you know that this is the 7th consecutive time that Sun Life has dominated the insurance industry? Can you also guess why Sun Life has remained to be the top life insurance in the Philippines? Simple, they value their client as much as their passionate and hard-working employees like us who carry the mission of helping fellow Filipinos achieve financial freedom.

Perks of Being in Top Life Insurance Company in the Philippines

Presenting the passionate and hard-working financial advisors of Royal Poinciana Branch in Makati City.

If you’ve read the about page of my blog you will have an idea that I am an Electronics Engineer and doing Sun Life as my part-time job, right? But that was until April when I have finally decided to take on the new challenge of going full-time. Yes, this is one of the best decision I had made. You can just look at our picture above and tell how lucky I am to share the mission with these guys.

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July 14, 2018, Sun Life held a Thanksgiving celebration called KeyZ to Domin8. I love how everything was put in place and how the title gives us a hint of what’s going to happen next year. That domin”8” is one way of Sun Life telling us that we will again have the title of being the top life insurance company in the Philippines for the 8th consecutive time. Wait, am I still in a Thanksgiving celebration or an advance celebration? HAHA!

This is How We Celebrate Our Victory

Look how we are graced with the presence of our ever-generous unit manager Raymund Fabro Camat who treated us for an early dinner before going to the concert. Happy advisors with happy tummies hehe. Because I love my readers, I’ll be sharing some of the pictures I’ve taken during the event. Look how lovely KZ Tandingan rocking the venue with her super pink hair.

This is me with fellow advisors Ian Sermona and Mischell Estiller enjoying how KZ rock the Parokya ni Edgar classics.

We truly had a blast from KZ. But we also enjoyed the performance of 4th Impact, Moira dela Torre, Inigo Pascual, Piolo Pascual, and Kyla.

Who says you can’t eat the cake and have it too? In Sun Life you can have both.


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