A Beautiful Promise of Love Fulfilled by Sun Life

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Credits to the owner of the picture and the beautiful story of fulfilled love, Sir Edward Santos Mercado.

This story I’m about to share is what I’ve seen on the feed of my personal Facebook account. A story of love I immediately felt as soon as I read the first line of his post. As a breadwinner who assumed the supposed responsibility of my father to my siblings and grandmother, I felt the connection to his story as I become very cautious about my spending habits and life choices. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get a life insurance is to ensure that any of my family will not experience it again if they lose me (Lord, please not too soon).

They say that it’s either you learn from your experience or from the experience of others. But you don’t have to go thru trouble in experiencing it yourself when you can just ask the people you know who have experienced it themselves. I’ll tell you it’s emotionally painful to lose someone you love but what makes it harder is when it is compounded by financial difficulties.

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My First Death Claim

It was in my first year as a licensed Financial Advisor from Sun Life when I secured a friend’s life. I did not even offered him yet and discussed the concept of Insurance when he approached me. He said he just heard from our common friends that I am from Sun Life and he’d like to know how much it is to have an educational plan for his daughter. When I sat down with him and discuss, I saw resistance on his face but eventually enlightened after discussing all the benefits he and his loved ones could get.

He was a colleague for years but I didn’t know much about his background until that day. During our conversation, I found out that he is 32 and a single father of a 7-year-old child and a breadwinner who’s taking responsibility for his deceased father. Seeing myself in his shoes as a breadwinner and the financial needs when my parents died. That moment, I felt the need and how Sun Life can support him. He did not sign up yet as he said he would check and save money for him to open an account.

After a few weeks, he then decided to open his policy. It was February of 2017 and days after when I delivered his policy contract. I saw how glad he was while saying “para to sa anak ko Sir! Para siguradong makakapagaral sya kung sakaling mawalan ako ng trabaho o may mangyari sakin”. That I felt really proud that I became an instrument helping him secure his child’s future. A selfless dad to his daughter.

Morning of April 31, 2018, a year after, we were chatting on messenger about the launch of his exhibit for the next day. He was excited and thankful for the many blessings he’s receiving. We ended up the conversation when he said he’ll just wait for my updates regarding the support he’s asking for his event. Later that afternoon I was texting him for the said update. It was his sister who replied saying “Wala na po si kuya”. I thought he just left his phone and went out. Just when I checked my messenger, I received a message from his Manager, who is also our friend, asking if he can talk to me regarding him. Just before I send my response, he rang me and said in his teary voice that our friend just passed away. I was shocked because we were just chatting earlier that day. Our friend said he died due to cardiac arrest.

His death was devastating to his family. Being the primary source, the more they felt the loss of a loving father, son and a brother. I immediately pulled out his Insurance record and filed his death claim. I was worried because it will be my first death claim on my second year as a Financial Advisor in addition to the fear that it might not get approved because it is only 1 year and the policy is still under contestability period. Still, I processed whatever documents needed and coordinated with his family.

Yesterday, Sun Life fulfilled its promise. I got the check for his mother as the beneficiary. Today, I delivered the check and see how grateful his mother for his son. She said while crying “Alam mo Sir Eduard naaalala ko pa nung minsang umuwi s’ya sa bahay. Dadala dala nya ung yellow na folder ng Sun Life. Tuwang tuwa sya, sabi nya regalo daw nya ‘yon sa akin. Sabi ko, ano ba yan? Insurance yan Ma! Sabi ko bakit naman kumuha ka na nyan?! Seryoso nyang sinagot; para po sa pag-aaral ng anak ko o kaya naman kung may mangyari man sakin o kaya mamatay ako at least may maiiwan ako sa inyo ng anak ko ”. I felt the sadness on her while she keeps on reminiscing his son’s memories.

My first death claim for my friend made me realize how important my purpose is as a financial advisor. A priceless job to serve and bring brighter life on the mourning moments of his family. I know this check can never bring back his son to life but it will make a difference to his Mom and his daughter. We do not get an insurance because we are going to die. But because there are people, our loved ones who will continue to live.


The story has brought tears to my eyes as I reminisce about the struggles I faced and facing until this very moment. I don’t want my loved ones to experience the same and decided to break the cycle of being unprepared to life’s uncertainties like sudden loss of the breadwinner.

I sincerely hope that you’ll take action in preparing to ensure the future of your family today by getting insured as early as now (and I hope I was not the only one who become emotional with this story hehe).


Credits to Eduard Santos Mercado

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  • Jiji Rosales Link Reply

    I want to get my mum a life insurance. She is 63 yrs old. No health problem.
    Can you send me more info. Thank you

  • Charm Link Reply

    Hi Federico. I am 40 years old single, working as an OFW. I want to inquire about life insurance and an educational plan for a 10-year-old niece. Thank you.

    • Hi Charm. Good to know you wanted to prepare ahead. I will reach you via email so we can discuss more of your options. Thank you 🙂

  • Sittie-Nahda Mapandi Link Reply

    Hi Sir Federico. I want to have life insurance with investment,please send me more information.

    • Hi Sittie. Good to know that you are interested in this. I have sent an email to you. Please kindly get back on me 🙂

  • Alelie B Del Rosario Link Reply

    Hi Sir Federico. May I know how to avail life insurance?

  • Armando Link Reply

    Hi Federico. I want to have life insurance. Can you pls send me mire details po. yung makakaya lang sa budget. Thanks sir

  • I want to have a life insurance

    • Hi Rogelio. Thank you for expressing your interest. Please see my email to you regarding this. Thanks again 🙂

      • Toph Cutamora Link Reply

        Hi Sir Federico. Can you help me, please? I want to know more about life insurance. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Lena Link Reply

    Please let me know how much the premium for 79,year old male non smoking. Please response immediately.

    • Federico Suan, Jr. Link Reply

      Hi Ms. Lena. Our issue age is only until age 70 (Sun Senior Care). But if you would like to get a plan for other members of your family please let us know. Thank you 🙂

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