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I’m thrilled to share with all of you that I got promoted as Manager Candidate in just this September. Woohoo! This means that I’m now taking up another role in managing like-minded individuals. So if you’re looking for new opportunities where you’ll get the chance to earn more, spend more time with your loved ones, work at your most productive time, and get rewarded for your hard work then this might be the one you’re looking for.

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But before that let me share my Sun Life journey and how it changed my life (and possibly yours too :)).

My Humble Insurance Journey

It was 2017 when I wanted to get life insurance but my salary as an engineer is just enough for my expenses. This inclination I have toward insurance is due to the fact that I lost my parents too early. Instead of accepting the situation, I started searching for ways on how I can get it such as becoming a financial advisor myself.

Part-time Sun Life Financial Advisor

Thinking that I’ll be able to secure my family with the earnings I’ll get from sharing the value of life insurance to others. Lucky me, I was able to meet Raymund Camat who then become my manager.

He opened the vast opportunities in store for me If I join his team. And I was like is this a scam? Really because it’s too good to be true. How can anyone get unlimited income, time-freedom, and get rewarded all at the same time?

Listen to Me…Please?

I thought it would be a piece of cake but it’s not. And I got rejected most of the time by my friends, my closest and dearest. Despite that, I still took on the challenge of overcoming those series of rejections by being a competent financial advisor and not just someone selling insurance. Soon enough those rejections become redirections to better clients and disbelief has become trust.

Top Financial Advisor

When I joined a life insurance company getting awards and recognitions never crossed my mind. I just wanted to help as many as I can to show them the importance of financial literacy. But the effort, hard work, and desire to help make it possible for me to be awarded as Top Advisor in Lives Count, Overall Top Advisor, Quarterly Medallion qualifier, and so on.

Now, I can proudly say that I belong to the top 10% of Financial Advisors among the more than 15,000 advisors.

My Biggest WHY

Growing up something is already clear to me, “I refused to be poor”. It fires me up to always be on my toes so I can grab every opportunity that can help me secure the future of my family. I want to change my family’s life. I want to give them the life they haven’t had before as simple as buffets, staycations, and travels. My family is my biggest why which helped me in knowing “what” to do and “how” to do it.

Full-Time Financial Advisor

Many are telling me “Sayang, engineer ka pa naman” and “Ang bata mo pa tapos ahente ka lang”. But guess what?  Since I decided to become a full-time advisor I never felt I missed anything until now. I was able to practice my profession for 3 years and got no regrets. But if I did not grab this opportunity then I might regret it all my life; I simply choose not to live in regret.

Who would have thought that this shy, reserved, indecisive individual will become so confident, fearless, and strong-willed? None. I don’t even dare to think I will become like this at all.

Soon a Unit Manager

I asked myself, what’s next for me? I have talked with hundreds of individuals and shared with them my advocacy. Some become my clients while others just become part of my journey. Thinking about that makes me feel so excited because I made a difference in others alone what more if I will have my own team. Because alone I can only do so little but together, with you, we can do so much.

My Unit Name

My team will be called “The Wise Guys“. Just like how I started and you came to know me is through my FB page and personal blog “The Wise Guy”. It’s actually not about me being the wise guy alone because it’s about “us” being wise with our financial decisions. And it’s the duty of my team to carry the burning torch so everyone will see the importance of financial literacy.

Our Vision

A leading team that provides superior financial advice, world-class client service, and a group that caters unlimited income and opportunities for growth and development to its members.

Our Mission

Make a difference in your life and become the difference to others. Financial freedom for everyone.

Become a Financial Advisor Today!

I am looking for 10 aspiring Financial Advocates to be part of my team. I will personally train the chosen 10 to become effective Financial Consultants for every Filipino family.

Here are the benefits of becoming a Financial Advisor:

1. Time Flexibility

No need to do 8AM-5PM routine job; More time with your family and friends!

2. Healthy and Nurturing Environment

You will be with people who aim to become better every day; Uplift you when you’re down; Encourage you to excel. Take note: We are all millennials so imagine how fun it would be!

3. Fulfilling and Noble Profession

We always make a difference; We change people’s lives!

4. High Earning Potential

The level of your hard work will be the level of your salary; Unlike in the corporate where your income is fixed even if you’re exerting 300% of your effort.

5. Personal and Professional Growth

No need to wait for your manager to get promoted or resign; you make your own path! 👨‍💼👩‍💼

Please send your resume to my email address: or you may fill out the form below.


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