Sun Cancer Care: A Comprehensive Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Plan

Sun Cancer Care

SUN Cancer Care is health insurance with a savings plan from Sun Life. It focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world. While it gives guaranteed savings, a special paid-up bonus, and yearly dividends.

In 2018, there are almost 18 million reported cases of cancer in the world based on the World Health Organization. And there were about 9.5 million estimated deaths, which resulted in a more than 50% mortality rate.

Thus, making cancer as one of the primary causes of death in the world. Sun Life recognizes the need for the growing financial burden caused by cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Sun Life in the Philippines, we are introducing a new health and wellness plan — SUN Cancer Care.

What is Sun Cancer Care?

Sun Cancer Care is the newest addition to the growing lineup of health insurance plans from Sun Life, such as Sun LifeAssure, Sun Senior Care, and Sun Fit and Well.

In terms of medical coverage, you can get financial protection from invasive cancers, non-invasive cancers, and medical excision of benign tumors that most life insurance plans do not cover.

On the flip side, you can also enjoy guaranteed cash saving that is free from market crashes nor pandemic (e.g., COVID-19). Aside from this, you will also be entitled to get a special paid-up bonus and yearly dividends.

HMO Coverage is Not Enough

In this modern time, treating cancer is now possible; thanks to the medical breakthrough and advancement in technology. Thus, it increases the chances of survival from cancer. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it comes with a price that most of us cannot afford.

Even if you have HMO plans and with the aide from PhilHealth, it may still not be enough due to the rising cost of the already expensive cancer treatments.

As you can see from the picture above, getting a cancer treatment can quickly wipe out your life savings. Imagine all of the hard-earned savings that you accumulated for other things like buying a car, house, or starting a business is used for your cancer treatment.

Thus, it would be best if you had something like Sun Cancer Care. Having a health protection plan can help you focus on your recovery rather than worrying about how to pay the treatments.

10 Reasons Why You Should a Get Sun Cancer Care

Now, I will be sharing to you the top reasons why you must inquire to me and get a Sun Cancer Care. To help you even more, I prepared a sample proposal and integrated it into each reason.

Federico Suan, Jr., 25 yrs old, Male, Non-smoker

Annual Premium: Php 41,870 (payable for 10 years)

Face Amount: Php 1 Million

Here are the 10 reasons why you must get a Sun Cancer Care.

1. Life Insurance Protection

The life insurance coverage for this plan is equal to the Face Amount. Your family can use this money to help them continue the dreams you made together when you die due to natural cause, illness, or accident.

Example: My beneficiaries will get Php 1 Million, which they can use to pay for my final expenses. They can use the remaining money to continue with their life.

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2. Guaranteed Limited Pay

Sun Cancer Care can be paid in 5, 10, 15, 20 years only. In this example, the annual premium is Php 41,480, which is payable for 10 years. If this is expensive for you, you may opt to get a 15 or 20 yrs payable plan.

You may also get a 5 yrs plan, however, expect the premiums to be higher. It is because the paying years are compressed in a much shorter period.

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3. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (PDTR)

Did you know that Sun Life is the only life insurance company in the Philippines that offers a well-rounded plan? First of its kind, from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Here’s a short description.

  • Prevention – become a gold member in GoWell and get access to vast wellness programs to help you achieve a healthier life.
  • Diagnosis – get major and minor cancer benefits and surgical excision of benign tumors.
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation– monthly cash benefit for 12 months.

4. Cancer Benefits

Minor Cancer Benefit – you will get 20% of the face amount when you become diagnosed with any of the covered Minor Cancer conditions.

Example: I will get Php 200,000 that I can use to finance my treatment.

Major Cancer Benefit – you will get 100% of the Face Amount when diagnosed with any of the covered Major Cancer conditions.

Example: I will get up to Php 1 Million, which is a tremendous help to pay for my cancer treatments.

5. Surgical Excision of Benign Tumor

It is an additional benefit that you can get, equal to 5% of the Face Amount. You can avail of this one-time benefit if you are diagnosed with any of the covered benign tumors.

Example: I can get a Php 50,000 once I am diagnosed with a benign tumor.

6. Treatment Support Benefit

Once diagnosed with a Major Cancer condition, you will be able to get 100% of the Face Amount of your policy. On top of it, you will get a monthly cash benefit of 5% of the Face Amount up to 12 months while you are still living.

Example: I will get a cash benefit of Php 50,000 per month, for a maximum of 12 months, which can help me with my monthly medical expenses aside from the initial Php 1 million I received.

7. Compassionate Benefit

Your beneficiaries will get the remaining from the Treatment Support Benefit.

Example: If I die after 7 months, my beneficiaries will get the remaining 5 months’ worth of treatment support benefit. It is equal to Php 250,000.

8. Guaranteed Savings

Aside from the medical benefits, your plan also accumulates guaranteed savings. Unlike VUL plans, it is not affected by the economic cycle, market crashes, and even a pandemic.

Example: At age 60, I will have a guaranteed savings of Php468,060.

9. Special Paid-up Bonus

You will also receive a monetary bonus after the payment years. It is an amount that you can enjoy to have an international trip maybe. You can also leave it with Sun Life to earn interest.

Example: After 10 years, I may receive a special paid-up bonus of Php 30,831.

10. Dividend Earning

Sun Cancer Care is a participating plan, which means that your plan will get to earn dividends. Just take note that it is not a guaranteed benefit. You may also get it as cash or leave it to Sun Life to earn interest.

Example: At age 60, my projected accumulated dividend is Php 308,621.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sun Cancer Care?

It is health insurance with a savings plan from Sun Life. It focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world.

Who can apply for a Sun Cancer Care?

It is available for 1 month old up to age 60.

What are the benefits of Sun Cancer Care?

It covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation from the financial difficulties anyone will face when diagnosed with cancer.

Until what age I am covered?

The coverage is until age 100.


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