Shore Residences Parking Slot For Rent (UNAVAILABLE)

shore residences parking spacce for rentAre you looking for a parking slot at Shore Residences inside the ever-growing Mall of Asia Complex? Whether you only bought a condominium space but eventually needed a parking space for your car or you would want to buy one but it’s already sold out. We got you covered because a friend of mine based in Canada would like to have his parking space rented. Did I just hear yahoo? And because he is a friend and you’re also my friend, he will give it to me at a reasonable price. That’s another yahoo, right?

Shore Residences Tower A Parking Space For Rent:

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Shore Residences Location

Shore Residences is strategically located in the ever-growing Mall of Asia complex. Whether you are up for a weekend mall stroll or a fine dining experience by the bay, you are never far from your home.

Shore Residences Parking Slot For Rent

This parking space is for rent and negotiable. It is situated on the ground floor level at Tower A of Shore Residences. We are looking for someone who is interested in having the car slot rented. This is only for those who want to rent a parking space for the long term. Please see the below picture for your reference.

Contact Us:

Are you interested in this offer? If yes, you may kindly contact us using the following options provided below. I assure you that I will give you the best offer you won’t get from others. Also, I want to say that the owner of this parking slot is very nice, pleasant, and easy to deal with just the kind of landlord you want to have.

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