SSS Contribution Table 2019: Bigger and Better Benefits

SSS Contribution Schedule 2019

The new SSS contribution table will be effective in April of 2019. This is pursuant to the Social Security Act of 2018 that will effectively increase the contribution rate from 11% to 12% and will continue to increase by 1% every other year until 2025.

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Why Breadwinners Should Get a Life Insurance?

sun life insurance for breadwinners in the philippinesDo you know what? I want you to be insured. That’s true and this is not because I’m affiliated with an insurance company. I’ll be honest, it opened the doors for me to deeply appreciate the value of life insurance. The sole reason is that I came from a household that the breadwinner, my father nor mother, is not insured. I personally experienced all the emotional pain and financial hardship from taking the role that I am not ready yet. And I believe that no one has to experience the same if only breadwinners like you can see its value. [continue reading…]


Basic Investment: Mutual Fund 101

sun life mutual fundI started saving money in a bank, just like you, because it’s a good place to keep it safe. But then I realized that there’s something wrong. Imagine for every hundred thousand that I have in my savings account it only earned Php 250. Oh, did I say that withholding tax will still be deducted from it? So I have decided to just complete my emergency fund and after that, I will invest the rest. If you are reading this then I guess we are on the same page. [continue reading…]


The Top 6 Reasons to Start Investing Your Money Today

Top 6 Reasons to Start Investing Your MoneySaving money is a good start in achieving your financial goals in life but investing can speed it up when done right. Imagine your financial goal like a destination you would want to go like Boracay for example. Yes, taking a boat, i.e. saving, can take you there but taking the plane, i.e. investing, will take you there faster. That’s basically what investing is, bringing you to your destination faster and efficiently. [continue reading…]


The Ultimate Guide in Opening a BPI Savings Account

How to open BPI Savings AccountBank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the biggest and trusted banks in the country. If you are looking for a stable bank to place your hard-earned money then you may consider opening an account with them. BPI also has over 800 branches in the country and close to 3,000 atm machines and cash deposit machines. Making BPI a wonderful chose for a bank because there’s always a branch near your place. [continue reading…]


5 Money Lessons To Teach Your Children Today

Learn the 5 money lessons your can teach your kidsTeaching kids about money may sound off to many but if you don’t some else might do it for you. Did I just hear a yes? Like sparring, you may be from a task, right. Nope because they might be taught differently in making, handling, and multiplying money. Remember, kids are like sponges and you don’t want them to learn inappropriately. [continue reading…]


BIR Certificate of Registration Renewal (Form 2303)

Did you know that you still need to renew your BIR Certificate of Registration (form 2303) every year? This is paid, yes, every year, on or before January 31. I know you must be familiar with the registration fee, right? It’s the Php 500 you paid using the form 0605 when you got your COR. It’s the same thing when you’re renewing it. [continue reading…]


Things to Know in Sun Fit and Well From Perks to Benefits

Sun Fit and Well

Sun Fit and Well (SFW) is a participating whole life plan that offers comprehensive life and health protection from Sun Life covering 114 kinds of critical illnesses until age 100. Your plan will earn dividends while being protected from financial struggles you might face when you become critically ill. [continue reading…]


Good Buy or Goodbye: Break-Free by Don Soriano

I came to see the book called Break Free by Don Soriano while roaming around a bookstore. The design was too simple for my taste but it was also too intriguing so even I’m not a fan of reading books, I still considered getting a copy. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to be an employer from just being an employee in 3 years time or even less which is the idea the book is introducing to us. Good thing I told my manager, Raymund Camat (MoneyTalkPh), about it not knowing he has a copy until he lent it to me. Yippee! So here I am now making a review of “Break Free” and I’ll tell you  later if it’s a good buy or goodbye. [continue reading…]


TheWiseGuyPh is Now Accepting Hosting Jobs

Christmas SidelineThe past week I was asked to host not just one but two Christmas Party in a single week. I was like really? Me hosting an event is the last thing I would like to do this Christmas. Geez, no one was taking the role so I guess it is really meant for me though I’m quite hesitant, I accepted it. After the events, it was both exhausting and extremely fun. I never thought I could ever stand in front of a large crowd as I did. Maybe I wasn’t good enough as this was only my first time but their affirmation on my new found skill, should I even call it a skill hehe, is priceless.  [continue reading…]