Achieve One Million by Investing in Mutual Fund

Sun Life mutual fund reviewI started investing in the stock market in 2016 which I can say is very profitable. But time has been my problem as I become very busy with my profession just like the most of you climbing the corporate ladder. So I decided to invest in something that can help me achieve my target fund of Php 1 Million. In this case, a mutual fund is my best option that will give me decent profits even with my busy schedule. I also wanted to share this experience to you that’s why I made this mutual fund review to give you an idea if it’s really possible. [continue reading…]


5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Home Appliances

5 ways to save money when buying home appliances in Abensons Appliances, Ansons, and Automatic CentreWhenever I buy big-ticket items like home appliances in Abensons I make sure to get the best deal. I buy in Abensons because our home is near Market Market. Don’t worry because the things I will share with you are also applicable in Ansons, Automatic Centre, etc. I’m excited to share this with you so you can get the things you need at a cheaper price. [continue reading…]


4 Essential PhilHealth Benefits Every Filipino Must Know

4 Basic PhilHealth BenefitsWhat are the PhilHealth benefits? Yes, you might be familiar with PhilHealth because you see this every payday on your payslip along with several deductions. But the actual highlight of being a member is the benefits you can lean on should you need medical care. If you are not a member yet, you can now register online. [continue reading…]


The Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines 2019

Sun Life is the top life insurer in 2019 for the 8th consecutive timeSun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is once again the top life insurer in the country for the 8th consecutive time. The company leads the top 10 life insurance companies in the Philippines in 2019. This is based on premium income or the total premium collected in 2018. Premium income is used worldwide to measure market leadership among the 6 categories that IC released. [continue reading…]


Credit Card Payments for Sun Life VUL Plans

Sun Life is now accepting credit card payments for VUL plan applicationSun Life is pleased to announce that credit card payments are now accepted for VUL plans. Previously, only traditional life insurance policyholders can use this facility. But not anymore because of this latest update of Sun Life to give its clients more option in paying their life insurance application and premium renewals. [continue reading…]


I Got My Memorial Plan from PhilPlans

I got my memorial plan from PhilplansEverything is affected by inflation even final expenses like a casket, flowers, interment, memorial lot just to name a few. I can still remember spending a little less than Php 150k when my father died 3 years ago. Considering that we already have a memorial lot in a private cemetery near our home. So I was thinking if just in case I will be called too soon I also want to get a decent wake.  [continue reading…]


Quick Ways in Saving for Unexpected Expenses

how to build an emergency fundIn a nutshell, an emergency fund is the amount of money you need to cover unforeseen personal expenses. You might be confused but this is a different fund aside from your usual savings, investments, or even from your insurance plans. Just like the purpose of your savings may be for purchasing a new house, your investments to speed up your wealth accumulation, and your insurance to protect your family from going hungry when you are taken out of the picture. [continue reading…]


Insurance Commission: Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines

top life insurance companies in the philippines 2018The Insurance Commission (IC) made a statement on its press release last November 8, 2018, regarding the ranking of life insurance companies in the Philippines. This is based on the respective reported premium income, asset, net worth, net income, and new business income equivalent. [continue reading…]


The Rule of 72: Will it be Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Are you familiar with the rule of 72? I guess some of you might know it well because this isn’t something new especially to those who have been reading investment books and articles online. The rule is just an approximation from the basic formula of compounding interest. To save my brain cells from dying, I will just talk about how it can be useful to you excluding the derivation. [continue reading…]


The Truth in Getting a Life Insurance

Sun Life insurance applicationAfter 3 months of battle, the case I have been fighting for is finally approved. Some of our clients may think that their life insurance application is approved outright after filling out the documents and paying their premium. Well, for some maybe, if they happen to be healthy, no hereditary health concerns, etc. [continue reading…]