The Truth in Getting a Life Insurance

Sun Life insurance applicationAfter 3 months of battle, the case I have been fighting for is finally approved. Some of our clients may think that their life insurance application is approved outright after filling out the documents and paying their premium. Well, for some maybe, if they happen to be healthy, no hereditary health concerns, etc.

My Longest Battle

But not everyone is as healthy as Pacquiao who can throw some punches, sporting a rock-hard abs like Anne Curtis, or maybe your friend who regularly hits the gym as much as you dine in your favorite Samgyupsal restaurant.

The point is “not everyone is healthy”.

My client happens to be not as healthy as others as he had medical procedures done before concerning his health.

After our conversation, I know for a fact that this will be a LONG battle that I have yet to win.

After submitting the life insurance application, I have been bombarded with medical requirements to prove my client’s insurability. But then it came to a point that they postponed the application (and on the verge of declining it).

I was lucky that my client is very cooperative and because we are supported by material facts, I decided to contest their previous decision.

No Mountain is High Enough

Each time I overcome the hurdle another comes after the other. And at that point, I was so eager to win the case.

Just like a kid wanting a bar of chocolate. Or a teen not allowed to hang with friends after school. The more obstacles I faced the more I wanted to win.

This is not for my benefit but for the welfare of my client. This is for his family.

Some of you might think, I fought the fight because I’m going to earn from it. Of course, that’s already given but the case is actually one of my smallest cases that time.

If money was just my motivation in settling the application then I could’ve turned my back on it and never looked back.

Somehow, I can get bigger cases than this with no problem at all. Still, I would rather see more financially secured families than being so happy over my selfish act.

It’s worth the pain

Soon enough, after long research of how I’m going to handle the line of their questioning I have now settled the case.

This case has truly fortified and strengthens my mission, i.e. to serve them just like the way I wanted to be treated.

Honestly, this has made me happier compared to what I felt when I closed my big cases.

If you’d ask me, I still don’t think that my deed was all mighty. This is in fact my duty as his Sun Life Advisor.


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