How to Open a BPI Checking Account

BPI Checking Account

I finally opened a BPI checking account last week. Compared to opening a regular savings account, this is more difficult to open, and I will share why later. The process is almost the same, but the feeling is different because you’ll feel richer (haha!) like how you usually see it on TV being used by the rich characters. But kidding aside, it has several advantages that make having it the right choice.

Advantages of a Checking Account

First things first, a checking account is not only for the rich anymore. I opened mine with just Php 10,000. I decided to get it because I am in that moment of my life that having a checking account is a must. If you are also in that moment, then this post can help you.

So here are the 5 advantages of opening a checking account.

Secured Payment Option

The best feature of a checking account is, of course, the security it offers. For example, if you have a business transaction with someone you barely know, then you can pay that person with a crossed check. It is to ensure that the payee can only deposit it to his real account, which will further prove that he is the same person you are transacting with.


It provides convenience, most especially if you are purchasing a new car or a house maybe. Bringing a check instead of cash is much more convenient on top of the security mentioned above.

Use to Track Cashflow

Checks are serialized, and there are pages at the beginning of your checkbook where you can write the details about the checks you released. In return, this will help you in tracking where your money goes.

Payment for Recurring Bills

You might be required by your landlord to issue post-dated checks (PDCs) before signing the leasing contract. This feature of a check will help you pay your dues timely and your landlord, in this case, to easily deposit the checks on his account. It will provide you with a good credit history while giving your creditors convenience.

Payment for Investments

If you have insurance and investments to pay, then having a checking account is very handy. In my case, I enjoy investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), but they only accept the manager’s check or personal check. Typically, the manager’s check is issued for an additional Php 50, and oh, I have to mention the long line you need to brave.

Thus, having it will spare you from the long queue and it’s cheaper too.

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How to Open a BPI Checking Account

You can easily open a BPI checking account by visiting the nearest branch in your area. But before that, you need to know the steps and things to bring so you can have a smoother transaction.

Here are the steps in opening a BPI checking account:

1. Secure the Requirements

You must bring 2 pcs. of 1×1 picture with a clear background, 1 billing statement showing your present address, photocopy of 2 valid IDs, and an initial deposit of Php 10,000.

2. Proceed to the Branch

Once you have the requirements ready, then you may now proceed to the nearest branch in your area and get a queuing number from the guard.

3. Short Interview with the Bank Teller

The bank teller will ask you a question you might have overlooked, “why are you opening a checking account?”. Unlike a savings account, you must have a clear goal of why are you opening a checking account.

Don’t tell that you just feel like getting it because, most likely, your application will be denied. Your answer must be similar to the following: business purposes, investment, for a condo purchase, etc.

4. Fill-out the Application Forms

Once you have given an excellent answer to why you need it, the teller will provide you with the forms you need to fill out. Upon completion, you may now submit it to the teller together with the other requirements. By the way, aside from the deposit of Php 10,000, you must also be ready to pay Php 250 per checkbook.

5. Wait Until Done

Sometimes the branch can release your checkbook on the same day only if they have the facility to create it. However, most of the time, they will suggest you come back again on the same day of next week to get your checks together with the ATM card.


52 thoughts on “How to Open a BPI Checking Account

  1. I tried to open my 1st checking account following the requirements mentioned in your blog. However, they still need requirements such as any proof that I will use it to pay my mortgage using PDCs as a requirement of my developer.

  2. Hi Sir,

    Once po na makagawa po ako ng checking account, allowed po ba na mawithdraw ko ulit yung 10k na initial deposit or need ko po na istay lang sa checking account ko yung pera? Maraming salamat po sa pagsagot <3

    1. Hi, Pamela! You may use your initial deposit just make sure that your average monthly balance is at least Php10,000. In short, you must return it immediately else you’ll be charged Php300 when your AMB falls from 10,000.

  3. Hi sir, may I ask if BPI requires COE/proof of income? I need a checking account for a housing loan but my only source of funds is my allotment from my husband

  4. Hi sir! I have already an existing savings account at BPI, can I use it for my checking account? Or do I still need to open a separate checking account?

  5. Hi if the reason is for condo purchase, do they require documents as a proof of transaction to the developer? Thanks.

  6. Ahhm okay lang po ba na deretcho checking account po kahit hindi na po ako mag savings muna?? Need ko po kasi agad makakuha ng checking account para sa condo eh salamat po

  7. Hello. What are the list of valid IDs you accept in applying Checking Acct? Actually, I have savings accnt na sa BPI. Thanks!

  8. What if the reason of getting a checking account is for unpaid hospital bills? Will it be possible?

  9. Hi, my client wants to get an unfinished (preselling) condo. He wants to get a checking account from your bank. He is asking us for a Contract To Sell (CTS) which you are requiring him. On our end as a developer, the issuance of the CTS takes time and for us to be able to give him the discount from PDC, he needs to give the complete PDCs within 15 days and that’s physically impossible for us to do especially this time of lockdowns. Please clarify

  10. Are there no changes in the requirements? With bdo, you need to have an existing account with them and your account should not go below 50k within 6months prior to the application. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I’m planning to open a checking account under my name for a housing loan, but the house that we already reserved is not under my name. Is that okay?

  12. Hi sir ? Ask kulang po? Planning to have a checking account.. for my business loan ? Requirements kasi sya .. ok Lang ba kht wala akong debit ? Pero meron naman ako online savings/cashcard account like GCASH master card mga online savings account .. ? Ok Lang po kaya yun

  13. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to get a checking account as one of the requirements for the housing loan. Should the proof of billing reflect your name or is it the address that is important? Thank you.

  14. Hi Federico, I think you need to have existing savings account with BPI as well di ba? And it should have an accumulated maintaining balance within 6 months?

    1. Hi Drew. When I got mine they did not require me additional docs to process my checking account opening. But I think BPI will likely scrutinize your reason for opening an account so be ready for that. Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi Federico. I have a question. Do you need an existing account before you can open a checking account?

  16. Hi! Ask ko lang, aren’t they asking for a maintaining balance in addition to the opening amount? btw, your blog is super helpful.

    1. Hi Easter. Maintaining balance is Php 10,000 the same amount you used to open a checking account. If ever your monthly balance falls under that amount then you might be charged by Php300. That’s why you need to really be cautious about that part. Thank you 🙂

      1. Good day Sir,

        How about my real reason in getting a Checking Account is as per requirement to the Big bike that I’m about to purchase in installment basis? Would it be granted? Big thanks!?

          1. Hi, would you know how to reorder checkbooks? The feature to reorder checkbooks on the app does not work. Thanks.

          2. Hi Jean. You may also order in BPI Online. As far as I know, the app is under maintenance from 10pm to 9am. However, if it is still not working you may go to the nearest BPI branch. Thanks 🙂

    2. My checking account is below the maintaining balance already.could i still use it f i will deposit to make it 10k?

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